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K so a Radio Frequency transmission from a planet a few hundred lightyears away arriving 3 days after the time stamp is not weird? particularly since radio transmissions take several minutes to reach THE MOON HERE...
And thirty something odd thousand years in the future, where not every aspect of normal physics seems to coincide with the way things actually are, it would not be hard to believe that some forms of communication can now be faster.

Librarians can detect things coming out of the warb because of the disturbance but i haven't ever found one in any other fluff that could detect someone exiting the eldar webway. hense the only warning of an impending invasion was the transmission that was dropped into the webway along the path of the same fleet travling to the planet
True, the librarians may not be able to detect their entry but they are able to get an idea of things to come, divinations of the future or possibly even visions of events to come. Its not impossible for them to get an idea that something massive pertaining to the chapter is going to occur.

Its not an eldar transmission that. the transmission was random babble not an eldar dialect that could be identified its not theirs its coming out of their webway.
Then how was it transmitted through the webway at all? The webway is not something that the Eldar let just anyone who is not one of them use, and its not like regular space where a random transmission can go from A to B with no trouble.

If it wasn't transmitted by the Eldar then who sent it and how did they do so from the webway?

next point again the imperium has never so far as i have found been able to detect someone dropping out of the eldar webway. they even have trouble detecting Warp exits in the shadow of other planets in the system or as the eldar used here behind the planets moon in fact in other chapter's fluff they have exploited this blind spot to ambush others using imperium equivelent tech
There you go, adding in details and information to explain how something that at first did not make sense now does. When I pick someone's fluff apart, it is not to tear into them and leave a husk in my wake. Its to point out things that currently do not make sense in their work so that they can be aware of them and work on having them make sense.

Countering the Swooping Hawks in this way is something that i and several other Blood Angels player do because of their ability in the rules which i am also factoring into my fluff because they should not be exclusive as some people have
What you and other players do in various games does not always fit in with the fluff. Like a Tau cadre fighting alongside Tyranids against elements of the Eldar and Chaos Marines.

yes it prevents teleportation but the eldar farseer arrived in spite of this fact. meaning that he probably used something similar to the space marine psychic teleportation i figured someone as fluff versed as you would figure out that someone powerfull enough to reach Farseer and cunning enough to sneak up on a chapter homeworld would manage to circumvent something as simple as void shields.
Your the one telling the story here, people shouldn't have to be forced to guess how something should make sense. Don't spell everything out for people, as they are not children, but not everyone is as heavily versed in fluff or well off with common sense as other people.

Now void shields are anything but simple; its an energy shield capable of blocking out weapon battery, laser, or mass ordinance discharge. There is a reason they are used to protect large or important locations/powerful vessels of war.

Teleportation, doesn't matter who you are, forces you to at one point enter the warp. (Even warp spiders who use a form of teleportation do this.) Void shields mess with that, make it impossible to teleport to or from a location. Its why ships lower their shields before a group teleports.

Not some guy. a CHapter Master which means he has probably faced eldar before and recognizing something as unique as a Farseer's armor and remembering which elite warriors we're present last time he saw that should be fairly simple for someone with a SM's edict memory
But why would the farseer have runes of different aspects on his/her armour? It is not as though he/she is an autarch displaying the aspects he/she has walked down.

I do however agree that if someone were to show a marine what certain runes mean he would be able to recognize them in the future. Its simply a matter of explaining why the farseer even has them.

Countering the Swooping hawks ability to drop onto the field haywire bomb a tank that i'm using to help create a firebase and the jump back into reserve bbefore they can be counter attacked comes straight out of strategies i use agaist the eldar players at my shop i figure that unlike what some ppl have argued before that the fluff and the rules should not be mutually exclusive and i've seen your arguments to the same effect so unless i've got you confused with someone else i know you agree with me
I say a lot of things all over the place, so if I did say something to that affect I do not recall it. If your confusing me with someone else then oh well, shit happens from time to time. Though once again not everything from the tabletop portion of the game translates properly to the fluff and the same the other way around.

In the end, depending on how much your chapter follows the codex astartes you could go with such a move being an appropriate response as laid down.

When space marines disappear without even sounding an alarm and especially when someone as treacherous as teh eldar are the opponent it pays to know what did that. and they were't scouts that disappeared they were combat squads from a battle company. they have internal vox transmissions and everything but they didn't even report contact... that deserves to be looked into. particularly by someone with long range weapons who could spot an enemy before being engaged on the dunes of the desert
Don't believe I ever made mention of scouts going missing, just not understanding why the chapter master sent several squads, and then sent even more. Did the first group not find anything and need more bodies to widen their search or something?

Last point not a random scout he is the current chapter master... 200 years after this attack he is the current chapter master.... if my memory serves logan was a marine for 450 years before becoming great wolf. Dante was a full marine for almost 300 before he became chapter master. but this "random Scout" rose from a simple human to chapter master in 250 or so. i think since it was his detection of the shining spears and that he will soon be chapter master he deserved to be recognized a little.
I just pointed him out because it does feel as though he was just randomly tossed in. If he is going to be important to the chapter later on, then perhaps instead of including him in a tidbit here you should have left him out and then mentioned it when further expanding on him.

Nothing precludes you from mentioning past important battles at other points when expanding fluff for your chapter or characters of your chapter.

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K i may not have explained it very well. The Trasmission didn't come from the webway in fact no one is really sure how it happened. but i was working that somehow the trasmission came through the webway with the eldar. to whom such simple and base technology would be beneath that they didn't notice it. i guess i didn't really expain that very well. however physics may be different but the time it takes radio trasmissions to travel is entirely dependant on the frequency which is so basic the physics shouldn't have changed much.

second point. :headbutt: i fucked up. the part about the arriving behind the moon was supposed to be in the original but i may have missed it sorry.

down to the void shields. umm.... honestly i'm still tryin to figure out how he did that. i figured it would be cool to have the eldar commander randomly pop up to display how superior he is then have his ass handed to him... but i wasn't sure how he would get around the void shields so i was kinda hopin no one would point that out untill i could figure out an answer :headbutt:

now to the runes. The Farseer's stuck on a different path do not wear the aspect warrior runes... however their individual armor is unique to each Farseer. that is what he is recognizing. The armor not the runes. for a space marine who has faced the Biel'tan farseer(forget her name) on several occasions would recognize her armor and then he would be able to draw on memories of the battle to remember which aspects she had with her then. and if they'd face several times then those conclusions would be that much more reliable

I may have messed up again first. the first group sent weren't scouts they were on flanking opperations and went missing. then he sent scouts because they would be able to hide better and determine what had killed them.

the last point is good advice and i'll have to go to it.

sorry if it seemed like i was getting kinda defensive but its a bad habit of mine. guess its part of the Space Marine thing being all prickly and what not lol. i know your gonna pick apart the next one i put up just remind me to be more civil

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K here's another story

: 15:25 close assault units in position:
:15:27 : acknowledged:
:15:29: Heavy bombardment cannons on target:
:15:29: Acknowledged:
:15:32: Scouts in Position:
:15:32: Acknowledged:
:15:38: Tactical Squads in place:
:15:40: Acknowledged, All squads in place Sergeant Varnix we will move as soon as your squad fires
:15:40: Acknowledged Valenae, For his Sacred Blood
“Alright scouts, the glory of the first shot comes down to us make it count. Target the bigger ones and the Darker Green ones near the buildings” ordered my Sergeant. Funny that after all our drills on orks and green skins his voice and calm reminders of what all of us already knew could calm my nerves.
“Are you sure sergeant? And here I was thinking that the little ornery ones were the important ones to this mob” quipped Devalae. While the conversion into a scout of the Blood spears had changed his body and instilled some semblance of combat discipline it had not entirely managed to end his sarcasm. However, this sarcasm endeared him to the rest of the squad, and it was tolerated as it did not interfere with his operation of the rocket launcher he now moved to his shoulder. As with Devalea, the sergeant myself and the other three in my squad prepared our weapons and sought targets among the mob of green skins.
“That’s right Devalae, We need to kill the itsy bitsy ones so they don’t trip our battle brothers, make sure and activate your mark when you’re ready.”
As I prepped my scope balancing awkwardly in the Enormous pines of this world surrounding the wall that encompassed the greenskin encampment I thought back to the other times in the intervening months between being assigned to this squad and this operation. On several worlds, more than I ever could’ve dreamed existed only a few years ago; but there were more many more countless worlds of this imperium of man which I now served. I heard a click from the sergeant and the other 2 with sniper rifles as they found a suitable target. I had settled on a Big Ork in Red armor near the gate. I sighted down the scope and marked almost simultaneously with Devalea that I was prepared. And as soon as we all had clicked our readiness the sergeant began a countdown
I sighted down the scope again settling on the center of mass of the large ork
I released a half breath and held there keeping as steady as I could balanced in the tree as I was
I moved upward settling on his face, moving to put my shot through the orks enormous snout
Simultaneously with sergeants mark I squeezed the trigger instantly drawing all of the power from the charge pack and throwing it all instantly through the orks left eye socket dissolving his brain instantly into a puddle of mush. As soon as I saw the bolt hit I drew away from the scope and followed the contrail of the rocket from Devalae’s rocket launcher. Catching up to the missile I watched it punch through a large Dark green ork. However instead of exploding there, it smashed through the orks chest and dropped into the enormous pile of ammunition behind it, Filled with scrabbling Gretchin hoping to find the right rounds quickly so as to avoid another beating. As the Frag Missile exploded setting off a chain reaction which tore the pile apart throwing dead Greenskins of all sizes into the air along with fire and rounds of all shapes and sizes. Devalae dropped into laughter as a particular Gretchin flew screaming into the air clutching a large rocket as it propelled him into the air. I chuckled, more because of the joy Devalae still found in the littlest things than comedic Gretchin’s flight. Then when Devalae’s rocking laughter pushed him out of balance and he fell out of the tree where he’d perched the entire squad began laughing uproariously.
“Alright well our job is done,” said Sergeant Varnix raising his voice to be heard over our laughter and the distant echo of Demolisher siege shells. “Let’s recover our resident comedian and begin the trek back to our rendezvous point.” Shortly after that I heard drifting weakly up from the forest floor Devalae’s shout of
“I’m okay but someone hit my tree with something I forgot the launcher about halfway between my roost and the ground.”

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Hey this is the same thing i put up on baron's background generator just figured i'd drop it here so you don't have to bouce back and forth too much

why was the chapter founded
Crusade to standing force

when was the chapter founded
35th millenium

Sanguinus\Blood Angels

Gene-Stock Purity
A New Generation:

Codex Demeanours:
Scions of Mars/See,But don't be seen


Chapter Master: Dienekes

Chief Librarian: Dileas


Type of Planet: Mideval

Home world terrain: Desert(day); Jungle/wasteland(night)

Relationship with Homeworld: Distand Rule


Codex adhearence: Divergent Chapter

Combat Doctrine: Stealth

Special Equipment:Beastial Companion/special vehicle

Current Status: Over Strength

Friends: Adeptus Mechanicus/Titanicus

Enemies: The Orks

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Why is the Chapter Master so expensive? 66% chance to give a unit Rage (which isn't that good a power, it's entirely situational), Rending, and Fleet (yet no other unit in the BA army has it). +1 Wound is nothing that requires a 250% markup. I'd say he's about 180-190 at most.


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Sorry guess it wasn't very clear the curse is on an enemy unit. and there is also the chapter tactics that apply to all of the assault squads giving them more versatility. and it gives the enemy unit rage but they have to pass the test with a 3+ or they can't do anything but move 3 inches towards the nearest enemy unit.
i'll edit the entry and try and make it clearer

/*edit*/ oops thats why the chapter tactics part was hard to see... it was in green...sorry :blush:/*edit*/
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