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Blood Pact plus more Khorney things

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I am working on a Blood Pact army both for myself and commission.
Here is the first of my force,The Traitor champion from Forgeworld.
I painted him to lok like a burn victim with a cateract on his right eye.
I used Tamiya Clear red,Blood Red,and a dot of Black for the blood which I splattered with an old toothbrush.

This is the base I plan to use

Here is also a Kharn the Betrayer I have been working on

And as part of the commission I am doing
A Sly marbo based on Scorpius from Farscape

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What color plasma would you think you be better?
Should I go teal like the background?
Er hate to do this to you
100% catachan command kit
Body the barechested cadian
Head,fannypack catachan medic
Arms from same kit

Here is an Infardi priest protoype

And a junior officer in progress
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Here is the finished Champion

And as part of a Blood pact commission I am doing
A Sly Marbo mock up based off Scorpius from Farscape

And a Lascannon HW team
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My client has a great idea for his mortar teams theme.
Loyalist guardmen and wretches being driven by a slave master.
This is the first mortar team using custom barbed wire I make myself.

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Here is the rest of the captured Mortar teams.
One crewed by wretches.

The other the Slave Master standing over a wincing Captain who crews the mortar.

And finally a group shot so you get the entire effect of the theme.
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I love Forgeworld's renegade ogryn,they look absolutly brutal.
The problem is not a single one is modeled with a Ripper-gun.
I converted the Bone 'Ed Ogryn to fit in perfectly with Forgeworld's pieces.

and the base I am going to use
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Ok first off let me state I hate Aardvark.
I knew I had so much more to give this mini.
I refinished him taking off the eyes which had a wierd up angle that made it look googley.
When I ripped them out it left little craters which I filled with Micro-Clear clear part adhesive,small window maker to replicate glass googles.
I added a bit from the lascannon scope for the snount which seems to be what the doctor ordered.
I heated plasticard strips over a candle then formed over a markercap to make the shape for the leg plates.
Once I get my khorne brass etch the eagle on the arm gets clipped off and replaced with one.
Now he is a mini I am proud of.


and from the other angles

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Here is the World Eater Advisor Stra-Ken proxy for Col Straken
He has the stats of a suped up marine,I figured I might as well model it to match.
He is armed with Plasma Pistol and CC weapon and on the floor and well used shotgun.

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Here is the next member of the Command Squad,The Banner Bearer.
I used the bloody palm as a badge for the blank side of the banner.
I used MIG powders for the rust on his body armor using the darker toward the center and lighter orange toward the rear.
I also painted the banner on the floor Death Guard to show chaos even fights among themselves for favor of the gods.

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Well the next batch for this weeks work is in
Another of the Ripper Renegades,just one left which I need to find my flgs does'nt have the last one.
He is just waiting for the Khorne brass etch just like the others.

I also started on a unit of Chaos sentinels

And one that is also waiting for renegade brass

And lastly a Dark Mechanicus Enginseer to help fix all this stuff

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Well this week started off pretty nice.
The first of my Forgeworld order came in.
So I am up to my eyeball in new renegade stuff.
I picked up the brass etch,to finished off the rippers and even added some to my sentinel squadron.
Speaking of which I saved the best for last.
The Commander who has a 100% customizable sentinel.
I magnized it so I can kit his ride out any way I feel like.
All the weapons and accessories to them and even the cockpit itself.
He can switch from scout to armored with ease.

It also has a removable HK missle
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Here is an AT-70 MBT I am making for a commission.
I used the Hellhound chassis minus the tanks and a defiler turret.
I will be making one for myself shortly

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Here is the next in the line a Stormtroop
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I have finally finished modeling the Renegade Rippergun Ogryns.
Using Khorne Brass etch and similar basing further helps tie them together as a single unit.

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Here is the third of my Renegade Ogryn.
This time a Forge World one so you guys could compare him to mine.
He seems to be right a home

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Here are two more Forge World Ogryns the Axe and Pick-axe.
One of the axe progs is actually made from styrene it broke when I dropped it.

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Next up for the Blood Pact is the Heavy Weapons Teams
The first two are the Heavy Stubber and Missile Launcher Teams.
I plan on modeling one of each of the other HW teams, so expect to see Autocannon,Heavy Bolter,Lascannon teams soon.

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This is a group shot of the sentinel squadron
Shown is the magnetic squadron commander with both las and armor,and flamer and open top.
I can also use any other configuration as well.

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