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Blood Pact plus more Khorney things

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I am working on a Blood Pact army both for myself and commission.
Here is the first of my force,The Traitor champion from Forgeworld.
I painted him to lok like a burn victim with a cateract on his right eye.
I used Tamiya Clear red,Blood Red,and a dot of Black for the blood which I splattered with an old toothbrush.

This is the base I plan to use

Here is also a Kharn the Betrayer I have been working on

And as part of the commission I am doing
A Sly marbo based on Scorpius from Farscape

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Nice work. The base is impressive and the model is epic , not to mention very nicely painted. Like kharn, one of my favorite models. The slave master looks like he is going to give someone a serious spanking. Fine work. Want to see more. Don't know of scorpious but that is a fine model. The head is an empire flagellant head right?
Your renegade ogryns are fantastic.Very nice conversions. This army has a fantastic look to it.
Love the at70 magnificent work on it and everything else. I do my mbt's using chimera hulls as well. Awesome with knobs on.
1 - 3 of 38 Posts
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