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I don't know how competitive you were aiming for with this list but it seems to be all over the place and unable to kill tanks effectively.

Jump Pack Death company are generally frowned upon, rage means your opponent can dictate where they go, and spending 260 points on 4 models is a little excessive, A good round of plasma fire to loose a large portion of your army.

The inquisitor retinue, is largely overupgraded and is entirely dependent on an av 12 vehicle for it's mobility. Most lists heavily invest in anti tank guns so your one tank that wasn't dropped into melta range turn 1 should bite the dust round 1-2. Meaning you very expensive and poorly armored retinue has to walk and will most likely get shot to hell.

You also have no good ways to kill tanks at range so your opponents will be able to out maneuver you and shoot you while taking little damage.

Try not putting all your points into upgrades and buy more bodies or tanks.
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