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So I've been reading around looking for a good substitute for a Blood Chalice for my Sanguinary Priest(s) in my Blood Angels army. After reading up on some options, and testing them, they were either too big, too small, or just didn't look right. So after digging in my Bits box a little bit I thought of a way that I didn't read up on.

1. Take two regular marine shoulder pads, file the trimming down on each.
2. Glue both pieces together (both in the 'U' position) so the filed trims are connecting to make the cup portion.
3. Clip a handle (preferably one with a hand on it already, leaving a little bit above the hand to go into the cup[explained later] )
4. Once dried, drill a small hole on the bottom of the cup we made in step 2.
5. Glue the handle (sliding the small bit above the hand) into the drilled hole.
6. Add any details or whatever you like to make it more ornate.

If enough of you guys show interest in this i will post step by step pics or a vid on how to do it. The size looks pretty normal in comparison to Corbulo's chalice.

Hope this helps and Good Luck!:victory:
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