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This is Chapter I for my Blood Brother's Chapter. Please comment and I hope you like it...

Chapter I

Sultern stood, staring intently into the darkness he nothing of. He had been on this planet for naught but a single day and already chills have run down his spine. In the darkness, the ruby colored pendants upon the armor of his battle brothers was the only glimpse of light that any normal man could see. But they were space marines, but Adeptus Astartes to be more precise.

The sergeant hadn’t seen any combat since his arrival on this desolate jungle planet. He had only heard the rumors of the sneaking things unimaginable and the sounds of a burst of bolter fire, and a sudden shriek, and then nothing. It was like they were fighting ghosts. How do you kill something that you are unable to see? How do you fight that one menace that is so intelligent that its tactics are beyond any you have seen yet?

Sultern turned his head towards a brief flash near the peak of a mountain just to his left. He gazed at it for what seemed an eternity before a second flash erupted. The flash was green however. What is going on up there on that mountain top? Thought the sergeant.

“Men!” bellowed Sultern to his squad. They arose and within but a few seconds were ready and prepped for battle. Each one of them carried a bolter, the sacred weapon of the space marine. It was their hell to rain down upon the enemy. Sultern commanded one of the newer tactical squads in the company sent to investigate this mysterious location. No human had set foot on the planet and lived long enough to tell the rest of mankind what it is that was down here. Sultern’s squad was made mostly of scouts that were just proven enough to make it into the marines themselves. Sultern saw this as an advantage. These men were still skilled in the art of scouting and infiltration. They could use to become unseen and unnoticed.

His men moved up to meet their new commander and gathered around in a crescent moon shape facing the sergeant. Sultern looked into their eyes, searching their souls to hopefully find some reason as to why these men were here. What was their story when it came to their background? They were all brothers in arms against a common enemy and yet they know very little of each other besides their unyielding support to the Golden Throne and the Emperor of Man. The sergeant may not have seen anything on this planet, but on several other endeavors he had led men, and been led, into the fray where bullets became no more than a droning noise in the back of his head and where the only thing that he could feel was the cold grip of traitor marine’s arms grabbing him as they slowly died from his chainsword or combat blade being driven deep into them. He was no stranger to battle. It was the men under his command that worried him.

“Before we continue any farther, I must know brothers,” Sultern paused, glancing at the faces of all the men he now had to care for, “can you tell me anything about each other?”

The marines looked puzzled and just looked at one another for some sort of answer.

“We have never gone into battle together before, we have never bled together before, and we know nothing of each man.” Sultern looked at a young man with his head down looking disappointed. He walked up and used one finger to pull up his sullen face.

“Tell me brother, what is your story?” Sultern asked in an almost calming voice.

“Brother-sergeant, I don’t know where to start. I come from a clan on Baal Secundus as many of my brothers have,” the young stopped, hoping that he would not need to tell his commander anything else.

“We are more than just space marines!” Sultern yelled so loud as to start getting looks from other marines of different squads. “We are brothers! We fight together, we kill together, and if necessary we die together!” Sultern’s face became what looked to be one step away from enraged.

“Sir, what is it that you are trying to show us?” Another marine asked.

“I want you to know that every man in my squad is not just another soldier for the Emperor, he is a living, breathing, and life like interpretation of your brothers from birth. Every man in this squad comes back. No man is left behind and we all make it back, dead or alive. If you memorize these words and show me that you follow them then we can fight harder and be stronger than any other squad in this company. Do you understand?” Sultern raised a finger and pointed it in every marine’s direction, scanning the area for any drop-outs. A few of them seemed confused or reluctant to pledge.

“I said, do you understand?” Now the question was becoming more of a outburst than a question.

“Sir, we understand, sir!” They all replied in unison. Today would be bloody and Sultern needed them to understand now what they might face: Death, or worse, the Black Rage. That burning sensation inside of them that toy with their very soul. They cannot succumb to it for if they do then they will be damned for all of eternity. They must resist the temptation for that is what makes them stronger than any other space marine. The strength to resist is what kept the world of mankind alive as Horus toyed with Sanguinius during the civil war. Had he succumbed to Horus’s evil ways than the war may not have turned out quite the same.

“We need to move out. Before dawn we have to move through this small area of wooded jungle to reach the base of that mountain,” Sultern turned and pointed towards the mountain that had burst with green flares earlier.


The squad had traveled for a good hour. They were always soundless and always at the ready. Before long they had arrived at the base of the mountain and before them lay what looked less like a mountain than they had expected. It was dotted and covered with little cave openings. Sultern stared intently at one before giving the order to stop and rest for a moment.

A flash of green lit up the sky and the entire jungle became visible. The marines could now see that they were led into a trap. From all around them things that they believed were bushes or shrubs sprang to life and were now taking the shape of a far more menacing foe. Their teeth and claws lashed out at a few of the marines, but the marines still had an upper hand when it came to close combat of this sort. Combat blades were ready and drawn before the aliens even came close. Sultern pulled the trigger on his chainsword and listened to the engine purr for a moment before slicing into the skull of one of them.

By the looks of it they were outnumber somewhere between three or four to one. They could handle these odds. They were marines.

The battle began to swing in the favor of the Blood Angels, whose skill in hand-to-hand is legendary. They were almost the victors when the young marine, the one that Sultern had almost interrogated earlier, was grabbed and was then being drug away.

“Men, save our battle brother! Our blood runs in his veins and may still if we save him now!” Sultern turned and led a counter-attack to reclaim the lost brother. More and more of the aliens began springing from the trees, but the Angels of Death rained hell down up them. With only two brothers dead and this other being grappled by these things, Sultern weighed it in as a very good day. He had seen far worse casualties before.

They reached the brother and one shot was fired that every marine in the company recognized. It was Captain Helos. The one man that every marine in the company new and recognized. His bolt pistol was made specifically for him. It was a weapon crafted by the famed artisans on Terra.

The bullet whizzed past the young marine and fell right into the head of an alien scum. The bullet then seemed to ricochet into another alien. At this turn of the tide the aliens began to flee into the mountain from which they came.

“Sergeant Sultern. I would have expected one of my own honor guards to be fighting these things by the way you bested them this day. I congratulate you. You have proven yourself worthy to be second-in-command of the Blood Brother’s First Company.” The captain said.

A look of confusion spread across Sultern’s face as he realized what the captain had said.

“Blood Brother’s First Company?” replied Sultern.

“Yes, we have split from the Blood Angels and have become out own chapter. Lord Dante feels that it would be best for us. Our only condition for such a case is we have to take this planet.”

Sultern fell silent. From what he had just witnessed today they wouldn’t be able to take this planet. They had around three hundred or so strong against thousands upon thousands. Life would be hell for these marines. It was time to die or become this new chapter called “The Blood Brothers”.

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Anybody like/dislike? you are able to get angry, just a little homebrew. Thanks guys.

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umm, good story so far, good attention to detail. i like it, keep it coming. only one thing though its unlikly for a brother sergeant to be elevated to n*2 in the first company. maybe the 3rd or 4th company but not the 1st. hope it helps

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Ya and I didn't quite think that part completely through. I'm going to revise it and make it the 4th company. Eventually in the story he is supposed to make it to the 1st company. Thanks.
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