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Blood Bowl

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Just had the urge to announce that I picked up a copy of Blood Bowl yesterday (cheers Wayland :) ), and I'm now looking to get a few teams and extra bits for it, so first up, anyone know/care?

My main gripe is the cost of the GW stuff, and the look that no one else supplies any of this gear anymore, so, anyone have any idea where to shop? :) Having the first game at the weekend so pretty stoked about that, haven't played since second ed (used to run leagues/tournaments with a load of mates) so really looking forward to it.
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Good stuff on getting Blood Blowl. I recently downloaded the PDF rulebook and made my own pitch out of a flock mat as I have no idea where to buy the boxed game.
For my players I use LOTR figures (again, dont know where to get the stuff), but i rekon you could convert your own miniatures if you cant find any dedicated BloodBowl models.

eg: Skaven Team? Box of Clanrats and bitz
Ork Team? Boyz and bitz
Bitz are a must for me, enabling you to make blitzers/blockers with extra armour plates.

Thats just my opinion and I hope you have good luck finding what you need!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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