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Blood Bowl

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Just had the urge to announce that I picked up a copy of Blood Bowl yesterday (cheers Wayland :) ), and I'm now looking to get a few teams and extra bits for it, so first up, anyone know/care?

My main gripe is the cost of the GW stuff, and the look that no one else supplies any of this gear anymore, so, anyone have any idea where to shop? :) Having the first game at the weekend so pretty stoked about that, haven't played since second ed (used to run leagues/tournaments with a load of mates) so really looking forward to it.
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There are quite a few companies offering good alternatives.

Impact minis, roll jordan, gaspex, neomics, goblinforge

or convert from the warhammer and 40k ranges.

if you want bb minis then ebay is the best bet and will be much cheaper, the teams that now cost £30 each I got for £10 a box, exact same minis since the mid 90s

I did get the new metal human team they made tho which is £40 but you get the full 16 players and not just 12 like all the others
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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