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I'm selling my Blood Bowl Orcs. Recently stripped them down and was going to paint them again but have decided it may be a waste to do so and I'd rather them go to someone who can actually use them.
EBay only for payment securities, and UK only due to postal costs. Bit restricting but it's all for costs and security and stuff.

They're the 1993 edition that came as an 11 model box-set called Orcland Raiders. Description is on the EBay page too.

Blood Bowl Orcs 1993 Edition.
Only one owner (an ex-40K modeller and scenery maker) and were bought new in 1993 when they were released.
Good nick, never actually used in a game but were used as a shelf piece then sat in a box for 20 years. Not dented, bent, or damaged in any way. Recently stripped of the last lot of paint, though there is still a couple little bits left in the crevices on a couple of them, but for all intents and purposes they’re spotless.
The square bases seen in the pictures aren’t glued on, but I will include them with the set anyways.
It’s the full set of 11 that came in a box-set from 1993: 5 Linemen, 2 Blockers, 1 Thrower and 3 Blitzers. All are the white metal models, no plastic. Sadly, no original box though.

UK Postage Only.
Any questions, I'm glad to help.
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