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Kris (Justicar Alaric), Craig (Croggy) and Dave (Digimmortal) came round mine Saturday for a big day of 40k! The other guys hadn't met each other before so did a 2k doubles game. I decided to team up with Kris and hopefully show him how to use the Blood Angels more affectively - would it work?

Blood Angels


Librarian - shield of sanguinus & unleash rage powers

Honour Guard - 4 x meltaguns & jump packs


Chaplain - jump pack

2 x Sanguinary Priests - jump packs


10 x Assault Marines - 2 x meltaguns - sgt w/ power fist

10 x Assault Marines - 2 x meltaguns - sgt w/ power fist

10 x Assault Marines - 2 x flamers

10 x Assault Marines - 2 x plasma guns

5 x Assault Marines - plasma gun

Heavy Support

5 x Devastators - 4 x missile launchers

5 x Devastators - 4 x missile launchers

5 x Devastators - 4 x missile launchers

Total: 2,000

Imperial Guard


Company Command Squad - 4 x meltaguns


Platoon Command Squad - 4 x meltaguns

20 x Guardmens - 2 x autocannons, 2 x grenade launchers + Commissar

10 x Guardsmen - autocannon & grenade launcher

10 x guardsmen - autocannon & grenade launcher

Fast Attack


Valkyrie - multiple missile pods

Heavy Support




Hive Tyrant - heavy venom cannon, hive commander & armoured shell


2 x Zoanthropes w/ Myceptic Spore


20 x Hormagaunts - toxin sacs

20 x Termagants

3 x Warriors - venom cannon & 2 x deathspitters

Heavy Support

Carnifex - heavy venom cannon & bio plasma

Game: Capture and Control - Spearhead deployment


Objectives were placed in the shrine ruin, in a open area in Guard deployment zone which would be surrounded by Guard, one in a crater and one in the Angel deployment area surround by Angels.

Me and Kris lost the roll off so Dave and Craig went first. Craig stuck his Manticore in terrain surrounded by the mass wall of Guardmens, his PCS nearby to issue orders and the CCS in the Vendetta.

Dave put his Hormagaunts in terrain with Warriors behind and a Carnifex for heavy and synapse support. He kept his Hive Tyrant back with a wall of Termagants to hack through.

Angels deployed next bunkering down all Dev squads and the 5 man plasma in bottom left corner by a objective. Next a ruin where a objective was in a crater deployed the Librarian attached to Honour Guard, Chaplain attached to Flamer A.S and plasma A.S. Up ahead deployed both melta A.S with the Priest attached to one giving a FnP and F.C bubble, though both units had Priests so deployment muck up on that one.

*Tactical Notes

Threats at the moment is the oncoming Tyranid horde, the Hormagaunts will cause problems to Angels and the Carnifex can be a pain, especially so close to an objective. Plan here to so gun it down with plasma, meltas and missile launchers while the flamer A.S blasts Hormagaunts and assaults. Will deal with the rest as it comes.

Turn 1

Guard makes a scout move dropping of the PCS near the Honour Guard and the CCS near the double melta A.S units.

In the Guard turn both squads bailed out the gunships move into terrain, the gunships turbo boost away. I think that was it from Guard. Tyranids lumber forward putting those Hormagaunts and Carnifex pretty close.

Shooting, CCS blasts melta at a melta A.S and kills one. PCS blasts melta at Honour Guard, Librarian casts shield and a single Honour Guard is dead after cover saves. Carnifex, Hive Tyrant and Manticore bomb Chaplains unit and plasma A.S with blasts. Both units survive, but with damage, plasma unit has to take a morale test but is fine.

Angels movement turn the a Priest with the double melta A.S units flies away and runs into terrain near the Angel objective, giving all units now on the objective FnP. The melta A.S which took a wound walks through into the shrine ruin controlling that objective while the other unit moves towards the CCS. H.G walk towards PCS while Chaplains unit and plasma A.S move to blast Hormagaunts.

Shooting turn H.G blast the PCS, they go to ground but one still dies. A.S blasts CCS, they go to ground not sure how many wounds are caused. Missile launchers rain out and torrent the Carnifex, it dies. Plasma A.S unit and Chaplains flamer unit blast Hormagaunts causing some damage.

In assault PCS, CCS and Hormagaunts feel the pain and get stamped into dust.

*Tactical Notes

Ok, Carnifex and Hormagaunts down - glad charged those and not got assaulted instead and the Carnifex would have been a pain to shift. That leaves the right flank pretty clear minus three Warriors, Angels can easily kill them and then sweep up.

Plan now is blast the Hive Tyrant with missiles along with Valkyries, move the other melta Assault Squad up to support the other - 20 Marines, which are mobile and have feel no pain on a objective will be hard to shift.

Turn 2

Dave calls for reserves and Zoanthropes come down landing right by the Angel objective, now contesting it.

In the movement turn Warriors flank down looking to blast the Honour Guard while the Hive Tyrant and Termagants move towards the shrine objective. A squad gets into the Valkyrie while the Vendetta holds back, I don't think Guard move much more.

Shooting turn Zoanthropes blast the plasma Assault Squad with warp blasts killing a few due to now out of feel no pain range. Hive Tyrant fires at Assault Squad on the shrine objective; can't remember what happened there. Some Guard in a ruin blast down at the oncoming Assault Squad but all ok. Warriors fire at the Honour Guard and Librarian takes a wound. Valkyrie fires at the Chaplain flamer A.S and kills a few.

In the Angel turn, melta A.S flanking the shrine ruin moves up to the Termagants ready to assault. Plasma unit moves half into terrain, Chaplains flamer unit moves into terrain claiming the crater objective while Honour Guard move into the same crater.

Shooting turn the Zoanthropes get blasted by everything pretty much in range but only a single wound is taken. Missiles rain out at the Hive Tyrant scoring a single wound. Meltas from the Assault Squad on the shrine objective try to fire at the Tyrant, one is out of range one fires leaving the Tyrant with two wounds. Other Assault Squad blasts the Termagants killing a fair few. Honour Guard blast the Warriors but after rolls only managed to I.D a single Warrior.

In assault melta Assault Squad charges the Termagants and wipes them out thanks to their own fearless rule, because of synapse.

*Tactical Notes

Ok, bummer, me and Kris wasn't aware of the Hive Tyrants 2+ armour save and thought he was dead - appears not! Ah well, two wounds down, shame a melta was out. Will be risky for the Tyrant now as two power fists close by - I expect it to probably fall back and move the Zoanthropes into assault to tie up the Assault Squad and contest the objective.

This turn will see the Hive Tyrant blasted along with the skimmers. Angel objective needs the Myceptic Spore to be cleared, though the other objective is safe - for now!

Turn 3

Gunships move into position to blast the Assault Squad off the shrine objective while the Hive Tyrant moves into. Warriors move from behind the ruin blocking LOS to them ready to charge the Honour Guard.

Shooting turn Hive Tyrant, autocannons, Vendetta and Valkyrie blast the Angels on the shrine objective, thanks to feel no pain they hold out well. Warriors blast the Honour Guard but all are ok.

In assault Hive Tyrant charges the Blood Angels and manages to kill a few, Tyrant wins combat and Angels destroyed, I think by sweeping advance, not sure. Warriors charge the Honour Guard which sees the Warriors all dead, thanks mostly to there own fearless rule.

In the Angels turn Chaplain and flamer A.S move out to tackle the Zoanthropes while the battered plasma unit bunkers down as the Honour Guard move through difficult terrain ok to support the Chaplain. 5 man plasma unit moves out ready to blast the Zoanthropes too. Melta Assault Squad flanks around the shrine ready to blast the Tyrant.

Shooting the Tyrant gets blasted and is toasted. Missiles blast the Myceptic Spore and gunships, Spore is dead Vendetta loses two lascannons. Zoanthropes get torrent by melta which sees them toasted.

*Tactical Notes

Ok the Spore has gone so the Angel objective is once ours along with the pesky Zoanthropes. Hive Tyrant is dead along with the Warriors, so Tyranids are now wiped out.

In the heat of things Craig and Dave didn't fire the Zoanthropes, bummer for them.

We've decided to call it a day on turn 4 due to time, so it's all or nothing. Angel objective is ours, only problems now are the Valkyries - blast them to open them up and then assault what's inside.

Turn 4

Guard turbo boost both skimmers one to the shrine objective other the crater, both packing troop choices. Squad inside ruin which has been taking pot shots at melta Assault Squad moves and runs by shrine objective also.

Shooting autocannons blast melta Assault Squad but it's not enough.

In Angel turn we need to destroy the Vendetta and assault the troops inside, the Guard on foot need to be killed too in order to make sure the shrine objective belongs to Angels. The Valkyrie by the crater objective just needs to be popped then squad inside assaulted.

Melta A.S jumps over terrain ready to blast the Vendettas rear armour. Chaplain and flamer A.S unit moves up up ready to toast some Guard. Librarian and Honour Guard move up to Valkyrie with the plasma unit moving out of terrain to get some shots off, but still by the objective.

Shooting Chaplain and flamer A.S blast the Guard. Melta A.S blasts the Vakyrie, it passes saves thanks to moving 24" and is safe. H.G blast the Valkyrie, it's not so lucky and explodes, squad inside is blasted by plasma A.S unit but they go to ground losing only a single model.

In assault Librarian and H.G charge the squad out the Valkyrie and kill them. Chaplain and flamer A.S charge the Guard on foot and kill them. Melta unit charges the Vendetta with kraks and a power fist, I think it's totalled by the squad inside is still within 3" of the objective!

End game Blood Angels control 2 objective contest 1, Guard & Tyranids control 1 contest 1. Angels win! Yay!


Good game though took some time to do, I think because planning between two people adds the extra time.

Mistakes from Angels was deploying both melta Assault Squads together with two Priests, not needed. Priest would have been better with the Chaplains unit, maybe, though FnP on all those units bunched up could have been a pain. Another mistake is when the H.G won combat first turn against that suicide melta squad I consolidated them away for the others - so out of FnP reach! Doh!

Mistakes from the Tyranid/Guard combo is the Hormagaunts should have stayed put, let the Angels come to then and then charge along with Carnifex support. Probably wouldn't have made much difference, but the battered Tyrand should have fallen back towards friendly lines, though probably would have died anyway. Zoanthropes were a big one, possibly could have tied up in assault and contested that objective longer, ah well, Guard did it anyway.
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