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Another test game for my new Angel army, this time against Croggy and his Imperial Guard. This time I'm trying Devastators with missile launchers are I didn't find the Predators that awesome due to firing angles, plus gives me two more Razorbacks but I've lost the Land Speeders which also didn't do a huge amount.

Blood Angels "Wing Striker" - 2,000 points


Librarian - shield of sanguinus & unleash rage

Librarian - shield of sanguinus & unleash rage

Honour Guard w/ Razorback - 2 x meltaguns - Razorback w/ twin-linked plasmagun & lascannon


Sanguinary Priest


5 x Assault Marines w/ Razorback - flamer - sgt w/ power weapon - Razorback w/ twin-linked plasmagun & lascannon

5 x Assault Marines w/ Razorback - flamer - sgt w/ power weapon - Razorback w/ twin-linked plasmagun & lascannon

5 x Assault Marines w/ Razorback - flamer - sgt w/ power weapon - Razorback w/ twin-linked plasmagun & lascannon

5 x Assault Marines w/ Razorback - flamer - sgt w/ power weapon - Razorback w/ twin-linked plasmagun & lascannon

5 x Assault Marines w/ Razorback - meltagun - sgt w/ power fist - Razorback w/ twin-linked plasmagun & lascannon

5 x Assault Marines w/ Razorback - meltagun - sgt w/ power fist - Razorback w/ twin-linked plasmagun & lascannon

Heavy Support

5 x Devastators w/ Razorback - 4 x missile launchers - Razorback w/ twin-linked plasmagun & lascannon

5 x Devastators w/ Razorback - 4 x missile launchers - Razorback w/ twin-linked plasmagun & lascannon

Total: 2,000

Imperial Guard


Company Command Squad - 4 x meltaguns

Company Command Squad - 4 x plasma guns & carapace armour


6 x Ratlings


Platoon Command Squad w/ Chimera - 4 x flamers

10 x Guardsmen - autocannon & grenade launcher - sgt w/ power weapon

20 x Guardsmen - commissar, 2 x autocannons & 2 x grenade launchers - sgt & commissar w/ power weapon

20 x Guardsmen - commissar, 2 x autocannons & 2 x grenade launchers - sgt & commissar w/ power weapon

Veterans - 3 x meltaguns

Veterans - 3 x plasma guns & carapace armour

Fast Attack


Valkyrie - multiple missile pods

Heavy Support

Leman Russ - heavy bolter

Leman Russ Executioner - heavy bolter

Manticore - heavy bolter

Game: Capture & Control + Pitched Battle


I lost the roll off and Craig decided to go first. Craig puts his objective in the tower ruin and in that ruin puts a squad of 20 and his Ratlings, behind it the Manticore. Next to the ruin he puts his Leman Russ and Executioner at the back and blocks them in with a Chimera. In a ruin next to the tanks the other 20 Guardsmen and the 10 man squad also, then the two Chimeras with the plasma units. In the Valkyrie the melta CCS goes in and the Vendetta the melta Veterans.

I deploy my objective in a large ruin and station both Dev squads close by. I deploy majority of my proxy Razorbacks on my left flank away from Craigs army, I can out range him and have better strength weapons. I keep me melta units in the centre so I can zoom up and tackle armour.

*Tactical Notes

My plan is to tackle that Vendetta first, blow it up and expose the meltas. I'll do the same to the Valkyrie. Then I'll long shot the Manticore and go after the Leman Russ, by then my armour should be safe and only threat to my infantry is the Executioner. I'll also try and seize the initiative as going first really works well for me.

Turn 1

Craig turbo boosts his gunships towards me in his scout move. I attempt to seize the initiative but fail.

Craigs turn he bails out the melta CCS in front of a Razorback with flamer A.S and Librarian in as his Valkyrie turbo boosts away. That's all the movement he does.

Shooting his meltas score double weapon destroyed and immobilised on that tank. Multi lasers and autocannons blast away at armour but either fail to do anything or saved by shield. One Dev is killed from one multi laser. Manticore fires and I don't think it does anything.

My turn I roll out armour on the left flank to get LOS on things. I bail the Librarian and flamer Assault Squad out into terrain ready to BBQ the CCS. I move the other Razorbacks with melta Assault Squads and Honour Guard forward but moving only 6" ready to blast down the Vendetta.

Shooting the flamer Assault Squad and Librarian kill all but the Commander from the CCS, though he takes a wound and passes morale. Vendetta is crew shaken so it's not firing any more. A Chimera with plasma Veterans is wrecked.

Tactical Notes

Ok it's a start, Vendetta isn't shooting and meltas on my doorstep eliminated. Luckily damage so far as been minimal.

A slight rules error here. Vehicles cannot disembark units and then turbo boost away.

My plan is to tackle the Valkyrie and meltas inside and start to move up, I'll blast those plasma CCS to make sure little to threaten me and move up straight one flank leaving Craigs units on my right flank with not a fat lot to do.

Turn 2

Craig moves his Vendetta in front of my vehicles and bails out his melta Veterans. The PCS Chimera moves allowing the heavy armour to roll out while the plasma CCS get into the Valkyrie for safety.

Shooting a Razorback is popped by the melta Veterans after they receive bring it down from the nearby Commander. Manticore manages to immobilise a Razorback and shake another. I think that's about it.

In my turn I move the shaken Honour Guard Razorback and bail them out right in front of the Vendetta, I move the meltagun unit which got popped out their transport up too and move the Librarians unit out of cover towards the Commander. On the left flank all Razorbacks move up.

Shooting Vendetta is popped and kills a few Guardsmen in the process. Librarians unit fails to kill the Commander. Lascannons ring out and fail to pop the Valkyrie or do any damage to the Manticore. Devastators fire at the Valkyrie and score crew shaken and weapon destroyed losing a missile pod.

In assault melta Marine charges the Veterans but remain in combat. Librarian and flamer Assault Squad fail to reach the Commander.

*Tactical Notes

Ok Vendetta down which is good as that along with the Manticore have the most strongest weapons to pop my armour. Both melta units are dead or tied up so they won't be doing anything.

Next turn is to hopefully wipe out those Guardsmen in combat, still more up popping armour and use the Honour Guard to start popping tanks. As I've haven't got loads of armour to tackle I'll pull that melta squad back after assault and send the Librarian and flamer Assault Squad forward.

Turn 3

Craig moves his heavy armour our to target me while his Valkyrie moves and drops off the plasma CCS.

Shooting Manticore starts stunning vehicles, though it scatters onto the fight between my melta Assault Squad and his Guardsmen, his Guardsmen die and I lose two Marines. Executioner fires at my Librarian, who casts shield, after saves Librarian is wounded and another Marines survives. The Russ fires at another squad of melta Marines, kills two, they fail morale and leg it.

In my turn I roll up the Razorback fleet closer to Craigs lines. I move the Honour Guard and melta Assault Squad which got hit by the Manticore towards the plasma CCS. My melta Marines falling back auto regroup and move towards my objective but I get a poor run move.

Shooting I pop the plasma Veteran Chimera and start to gun them down, though they pass morale. I blast the Valkyrie some more and damage another pod and shake it.

In assault I charge the plasma CCS with Honour Guard, Librarian with flamer squad and melta Assault Marines but thanks to their carapace armour the fight rages on.

* Tactical Notes

Still going well at the moment, I want to take down that Vaklyrie so it cannot contest objectives. I was hoping that the plasma CCS would be dead.

Turn 4

Craig moves his 10 man Guardmans squad in the open. His moves his heavy armour about and turbo boosts his Valkyrie over to my table edge.

Shooting can't really remember what happens, I lose a Razorback with other Librarian in and his Executioner kills my other Librarian and single Marine.

In combat Craigs CCS finally die, I consolidate my melta units towards his heavy armour.

I move my two melta units towards Craigs heavy armour. I move the other Librarian through terrain with flamer squad towards the plasma Veterans in a crater left by their tank. I move a Razorback 18" through terrain ok towards Craigs objective ruin.

Shooting I attempt to down the Valkyrie but do nothing, I blast the Russ and Executioner but stun the Russ and nothing on the Executioner.

In assault Librarian and squad charges the Veterans and kills them all. Melta squads charge the tanks with kraks and just stun the Russ again.

*Tactical Notes

Not a massive amount of progress this turn. I need to roll my armoru up towards Craigs objective and blast that Valkyrie!

Turn 5

Craig turbo boosts his Valkyrie towards my objective contesting it while he forms a armour wall at the base of the tower ruin.

Shooting he blows away my melta Assault Squad on foot with the Executioner. That's about it.

I tank shock his Guardsmen in my way and bail out the Razorback into terrain. I attempt to move another Razorback through terrain but it gets grounded.

Shooting I blast the Valkyrie with everything I've got but Craig either saves it or I just shake it and knock weapons off. Librarian and flamer Assault Squad charge 10 man Guardsmen and kill them, one survivor who fails morale and runs away.

*Tactical Notes

I've just got to hope the game doesn't end on turn 5 or else I've lost!

Turn 6

We roll for it and game carries on!

Craig moves his 20 man Guardsmen unit higher through the tower as a unit of Ratlings come down, his large Platoon of Guardsmen get ready to assault.

Craig does some shots but doesn't do a lot. In assault Platoon charges my Marines, which were actually in terrain but position out so should have rolled terrain test, in assault Marines stay locked after Guardsmen pass morale.

In my turn I move the Librarian and flamer Assault Squad he's attached with round ready to kill that single Commander from earlier, I kill the Commander. The Valkyrie is popped thankfully but my Marines stay locked in combat.

Game is a draw :)


That was quite a interesting game and another school day for me. If I would have kept those Razorbacks moving on the left flank more I would have been closer much earlier on. That Valkyrie was also annoying and I wish it went down earlier, I even had the chance to melta it but I didn't.

A few rules mistakes such as gunships turbo boosting away when squads disembark and the Platoon just charging in, but I guess that was model placement confusing things.

A good game and I learnt more about the Angels. List works well and I like the Devs better than the Predators plus they each bring another Razorback to the party. I don't need the power fists though so I am dropping them and getting another Priest, shame I cannot fit infernus pistols on in those units though for added melta :(

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hey! Been reading all of your reports! You do not get enough credit!! Brilliant stuff. :)

Want to see more tyranids, As they're my next army.. and not so much blood angels. :laugh:

But these are great, +Rep! :)
Thanks dude - been doing a lot of Angels as I'm doing a army of those and testing the list, got them sorted now. Just finished paintnig my Tyranids, time to base them, will be getting bat rep uo with them Monday next week as using them on Sunday :)

Very good batrep indeed! Bad luck blowing up those IG airships. They really give me headaches too :)

Tell us how you do after the swap of fists vs another SP. I really find fists useful vs MCs, walkers or vehicles in the way...
Pain in the ass those Valkyries, you wouldn't think that hard to gun down.

I'll let you know about the other Priest ;)
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