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Epostilary is an unnecessary upgrade for the librarian. best powers are things like shield and unleash rage, or a shooting attack with some range and unleash rage so you're either doing one or the other, not both. Also Plasma Pistol is never a good option for ICs. A weapon that can damage yourself is never worth it.

Sang guard are good. I'd probably have 2 infernus pistols on them instead of one of each but personal preference mainly I'd say.

Tac squads are all over the place though. For one you need to be 10 man to take any special weapons at all. so they can't take meltaguns as they are. also the razorback is 95pts. Not worth the cost there at all. You'd have much better chance making them assault squads, X5 with a meltagun, sarge as he is and the razorback. that costs you around 175-185pts(nocodex on me at the moment) which saves you a lot more than you have at the moment.

Chaplain doesn't really work in the list to be honest. Best unit he'd work with would be the vanguard as SAnguinaory guard already reroll a failed hit with their glaives and are fearless. Vanguards can't do heroic intervention with a character attaced so that's out. And that kinda vanguard are gonna be pretty bad without H.I. They're a third of your points in one unit that are at the end of the day normal marines with an extra atack.
I think they'd need to be dropped for something much more practical. Or at least drop them to around 6 man with a fist, a shield and 2 power weapons. Very cheap but a very good CC unit.
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