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So tomorrow going to a games day in my area and I joined an escalation league to help me learn my blood angels and paint more of my guys. Here are the rules and restrictions
"Starts January 10th(Prairiecon Winter Gamesday)

500 Point Combat Patrol

1 HQ
1 Troop(Minimum)
No flyers
Max 1 vehicle(Highest AV of 12)
No Better than 5+ Invuln

January 24th

750 Point FOC army(or unbound as per 7th ed)
No Flyers
Max 1 vehicle(Highest AV of 12)
No Better than 5+ Invuln

February 7th
1000 point FOC army(or Unbound as per 7th ed)

February 21st
1250 Point FOC army(Or unbound)

March 7th(Approx. Shooting for spring gamesday TBA)
1500 POint FOC(Or unbound)

March 21st
1750 Point FOC(Or unbound)

TBA April
2000 Point tourney


30 Points for any model/unit converted and painted prior to the escalation league's start. A player may only receive this award once.

10 Points for any model/unit completed (converted and fully painted) during the course of the escalation league.

5 Points Per Game Played, a player can only receive these points up to 4 times a week(Can only be the same opponent twice a week).

Additional Rules:

Forgeworld models and units may be fielded any time during the escalation league games.
Your army must always contain the original army from the previous escalation point. At the 1000 point mark you may drop one unit permanently from your ongoing list in
favor of something else. This must be declared to the organizer who reserves the right to announce this to the group for the sake of fairness.

End of Tournament Rules:

The tournament will be a typical 3 round 2000 point tournament with the following prizes. All prizes will be equal, and a player may only receive one prize.
A player must have a fully painted army to qualify for any prize. The prizes are listed in awarded order (I.E. determine who is the seasonal champion first, and go down the line.)

Seasonal Champion: The player with the most points at the end is the winner.

Best In Show: At the end of the tournament, players will judge which person has the "Best in Show" army at tournaments end. This is an army that is well painted, or just plain cool, etc.

Best Painted: The player with the highest painting score during the tournament, and the most best painted votes wins.

Tournament Winner: The player to win all three games during the course of the tournament and have more objectives gained during the course of the tournament wins.

So here is my list as it stands
Priest with Angles wings, Power Sword/axe(undecided)100pts

5 scouts with Bolters, Heavy Bolter with Hellfire shells 68pts
10 Marines with 1 Grave gun 155pts

5 Death Company Jump packs, 2 power weapons, 1 power fist and blot pistols 170pts

So general Idea is Priest joins the death company and deep strike them in, they kill almost anything they come across, scouts inflitrate in and take and objective and fire that heavy bolter, Tac squad squad will roam the board or split depending on the situation. I feel like Its fairly solid and can deal with a lot.

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With regards to your HQ, unless you want to waste his potentially awesome Initiative (I've rolled the +1I Warlord trait twice now for him) with an Axe and add some AP2 to your squad I would go with a Lightning Claw. It out preforms the Sword thanks to Shred even with the one less attack you have without the pistol...which is a stupid point now anyway. Also, in my most recent game against CSM I played a Priest and a Chaplain with my 5 man DC and I gotta say the re-rolls on the charge meant more than hitting on 3's. If you drop the Hellfire rounds you can accommodate this change, it's definitely something worth thinking about.
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