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Blood Angels Army

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I am getting the space marine battleforce to start my army. Any Ideas on what to get next for (I am already getting death company). Thanks:grin:
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I would get a cool chappie model w/jump pack, some attack bikes, and the bits to convert your Pred into a Baal.
More assault marines and jump packs.

If you're building a Blood Angels army from a battleforce you're only get 5 guys with jump-packs. You probably want to think about assault squads, veteran assault squads and jump packs for Honour Guard and Death Company. That's maybe 40 jump packs in a pretty basic list.

Then probably attack bikes.

Of course, there are other ways to play BA - there's a discussion on shooty BA here, mech BA here and a 3-dread BA list with almost no jump packs here.

But generally, BA=lots of jump packs.

Hope that helps!

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Just to echo the guy's above...definately more flying-monkeys :)

-Jump-Pack DC & Chaplian
-Jump-Pack Veteran Assault Marines
-Furioso Dreads...unfortunately not with Jump-pack although... :grin:

These were the starting models for me when I began my (small) Blood Angels strike force!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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