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Reorganizing for clarity


8x DC (packs, PF + PS)
8x DC (packs, 2x PS)
Podded Furioso (Frag + Melta)

10x Tac. (vet, PF, Combi-melta, melta, hf, Rhino)
5x Tac. (las)
5x Tac. (flak ml)

5x RAS (2x Melta, combi-melta, Rhino)
5x RAS (2x Melta, combi-melta, Rhino)

2x Overcharged vindi (shield, SB)


1) put RAS in pods if you're just popping tanks with them (this also lets you wait to drop the fragioso if you want)
2) on the furioso, pick one! flames or melta. Not actually necessary, but I like to. Then you have 1 dropping flames (fragioso) and 2 dropping melta (RAS)
3) Drop the 3rd Tac. for another assaulty unit/buffer assault units. Two medium threats is not enough.
4) No PF on the Tac. and pick one! Plan to be able to have all your special weapons in 1 combat squad just in case. Run a ton of flamers.
5) less superfluous upgrades, more bodies. Your squads are small but well equipped - remember, boys before toys. You can have that PF and those meltas, but many points could be better placed
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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