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Okay, so it's my local stores birthday on Saturday, and after much too and frowning, I can go and smack some zombie butt!
Basically their running an event based on a burgle blighted world which has been infested by zombies
The rules are bring a 600pt list, this can follow full FOC or unbound
However the main point is to have fun and set the theme of a bunch of hardly survivors holding out against zombie waves
For instance we've had suggestions of a team of elite fire warriors in a square defending aun'va
Or Dante and his sanguinary guard swooping down in a heroic sacrifice, or the sanguinor ETC

I would LOVE to field a pimped death company squad... For me it just fits, espeacially with my armies fluff being all about rage and unshackled blood lust (even if my red thirst rolls tell the exact opposite story)
However I only hold 5 death company to my name at most, most are in pieces and/or lost, I can pin down a single complete one buried under the empty sprues on my desk... Yeah...

Anyway enough boring you, perhaps making you all a tad jelly, ON WITH THE LIST!!!

Unleash rage, might of heros)

Sanguinary priest

10 man assault terminator team
x10 thunder hammer/ storm shields


I have made sacrifices to get this to fit... For example I've lost my precious termie armour on my Libby, meaning I can't use my famous converted one :cray:
But I thought FnP from the priest would be far more helpful
I would like to have all lighting claw terminators as well, but I've assembled all my 10 with TH/SS and although I have 10 pairs of lighting claws in my bits box and spilled over the floor, it's not an option :(
Are their any better combos? More fluffy? I can only ion down a pair of dreds, razor back, Baal pred, 20 assault marines with melta guns the usaul for a 1250 blood angles player I guess you could say

Or there's tau... But I doubt riptide spam is very zombie themed, I'm not proud of my tau list either, I want to sell a couple of 'tides but I don't have the balls
Anyway I'm gonna hit post so I don't ramble further

Thanks for listening, or not if you skipped it, can't blame you for that!

EDIT: quick question, it doesn't deserve it's own thread so I'll jack this one, on my assault squad sergeants, dual lighting claws or power fist/ bolt pistol
So far my power fisted sargeant has literally single handely taken out 3 3man broadside squads... Not even joking his squad just absorbed bullets, didn't even make combat! But that's one list where I had AWEFUL dice on the way in, and it's not a regualr list either, I'm thinking the initiative +1 attack shred will do just fine against the other grey knights through orks I mostly face

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Do you have regular termies? Because I have a feeling that they would do great at potshotting zombies white the TH/SS engaged. Or else claws. Will zombies really be t8? Or will they have ap2?

Otherwise I like the idea.

quick question, it doesn't deserve it's own thread so I'll jack this one, on my assault squad sergeants, dual lighting claws or power fist/ bolt pistol
If you fight tons of MCs (or t6+) then take the fist. If you face lots of sv2+ then take an axe (or fist if it's both). If you fight lots of lower toughness/armor save models, take dual claws (or a claw and a fist brotha!)

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No more BA powers :(
What? Do we lose our own psykic powers?

But no, the only terminators I have are TH/SS sadly, I did have 5 black reach ones, but they've mostly been butchered in a vain attempt to make a sanguinary preist I'm happy with :p

I hardly face any MCs, and when I do I try to keep my assault marines well away till the big guns get there, the terminators seen here
2+ saves are broadsides, and grey knight terminators, which again I try to keep my assault marines well away from as their AP melee as standard rips me to shreds no matter what I do D:

I would take fist/claw, but A it'd look ugly with only one claw and B I don't have the points spare
It would be nice if I could take the two claws and say their retractable so can turn into a fist :) it makes sense because I always wonder what's the difference between a fist and claw and why the fist is so unwieldy if the claw isn't, but there's no way to model that and my store is pretty strict :(
I can just about get away with using a chain sword as a power sword if I paint lighting effects on it, on the basis that I don't want to butcher the beautiful FW model (the mk4 preist)

EDIT: tracked down the FAQ, and BUMMER!!! Our powers just got really good :(
But I do have the points to go 1 fist 1 claw now I think, as I notice lvl2 on the libbies is half price now!
Or is it just that it has twice price all through 6th? I think the latter one :(

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Okay so just had an idea for a minor adjustment
That is to drop one terminator to give my Libby termie armiur/ storm sheild...
That let's me use my better model by far, and ties the squad in better

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I meant my librarian gets a storm shield...
I don't have a termie priest unfortunatly,never been able to make ones like...

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Right. No more phone comments, computer screens only.

The only thing that I dislike about this list is that it can't Sweeping Advance. Pretty minor stuff.
That on the basis the what's left is above the level of a sticky paste :laugh:

I'm not sure on any details of how the zombies fuction... They could be be the bitchy hard to kill ones, the easy peash sucky but tonnes ones, huge blob or lots of small blobs... No idea to be honest
I would guess though that their stats are inline with plague zombies from the chaos dex, although just guessing
But do you think it's best to have one terminator or terminator armour?
In game terms I would actually guess the terminator...
But the predicament comes from the models I would have to use :p if I knew how to work this damned iDohickey I might post pictures :D
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