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librarian with shield of sanguinus and sanguine sword-100 pts

sanguinary priest with jump pack-75 pts

furioso dreadnought with extra armour, heavy flamer, magna grapple, blood talons. depl;oyed in a drop pod with locator beacon and deathwind launcher
215 pts

assault squad 10 man with power fist, infernus pistol, and 2 hand flamers- 250 pts

tactical squad 10 man with plasma cannon, flamer, rhino with extra armour, power weapon- 240 pts

fast attack
baal predator with extra armour, heavy bolters, assault cannons, storm bolter, and hunter killer missile- 170 pts

heavy support

3 vindicators with doser blades- 150 pts each- 450 pts total

how this list works, sanguinary priest in assault squad in deep strike, dreadnought in drop pod, tactical squad split into combast squads, plasma cannon and 4 bolters guard objective in my deployment zone, other half will have librarian in it deployed in rhino. mephiston will guard controlling objective with combat squad, baal pred outflanks, the 3 vindicators will form a siege wall with rhino behind them.

the vinndicators will move up fast and bombarding enemy while librarian in rhino provides cover with shield o sanguinus. drop pod comes in some distance away from enemy objective and or shoots enemy vehicle with grapple melta, next turn assult squad comes next do beacon on drop pod and forces enemy to fight on two diffrent sides, one side has 3 vindicators with librarian rhino behind, behind them will be drop pod with furioso dread with assault squad with antitank power and sanguinary priest aiding, and also the baal pred will also outflank them and provide long range supressive fire on either enemy objective or enemies going after my objective.

i did this list once and it was extremely effective and powerful. this is the most compeditive list ive made so far. gimme your thoughts on it.
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