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As a Tau player, I'd suggest you simply bring as many jump marines as you can. We love to stay at range and focusing on one target then moving on. Blood Angels, especially with sanguinary priests, can present many durable, fast moving targets for Tau to deal with simultaneously.

Generally speaking Tau are bad in CC, but we do have some very nice units that a smart general will use to his/her advantage that you will need to deal with. First off is the kroot. Hated far and wide, these mercenary scumbags are one of the most vital units in the Tau codex because they can infiltrate and form a wall around the Tau deployment, forcing any would be assaulter to hit them first. They will die quickly, but at WS and S 4, they aren't horrid themselves. If you can avoid the kroot, do so and continue to the juicier parts of the Tau.

The juciey parts are our vehicles and suits, which you can deal with in much the same way, shoot them with a meltagun. At T 4, crisis suits will suffer instant death from a melta shot and the disruption pod is useless if you can get within 12", also your melta range. Shoot then assualt if you can avoid the kroot who buy Tau an extra round of shooting at close range.

If you want to bring some long range fire support, remember to prioritize crisis suits and broadsides first, as these are the real teath of the Tau army. S8 AP 3/2 or better should do the job for you if you want to try to outshoot Tau. It's not a great proposition, but it is possible for most armies if they can get in a good first round of shooting.

I would advise against bringing vehicles, as there is nothing we love better than vehicle killing. We have long range railguns and fast moving or deep striking meltaguns to deal with enemies who move fast.

I, in general suggest bringing assault marines with jump packs for three reasons: 1. they can do whatever you need them to do (kill tanks and infantry) 2. they move quickly and can use cover to become more durable against AP 3/2 shots and 3. a single raingun shot can kill a rhino and make the squad inside move only as fast as standard infantry, it cannot however slow but one marine in a jump pack squad, albiet permenantly.

Have a good time, hopefully reading all of this hasn't borred you too much, and happy wargaming.
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