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I really would love some advice on this list, its a 1000 point game and Im really new to this..

HQ Choice

10 Man Tactical Squad:
+ Missile Launcher

9 Man Death Company:
+ 1x Power Fist:
+ 1x Thunder Hammer:

5 Man Assault Squad:

1x Rhino: 50pts
Dedicated transport for the Death Company

1x Furioso Dreadnought
+ 2x Blood Talons [Free]

1x Stormraven:
+ Twin-linked Multi-melta [Free]
+ Side Sponsons w/ Hurricane Bolters:
Dedicated transport for Assault Marines & Furioso

TOTAL COST = 1000 points

Much love to anyone who has advice

So be it.
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Hey welcome to BA! First of all, what other models do you have and what are you willing to spend? Have you played other armies previously? Finally, how competitive are you looking to make this list? Just so we have an idea of how much we can change.

Until then, here are some basic comments.

I would (if possible) substitute the captain for a libby or even a reclusiarch (though that's a bit more) as the captain has a distinct lack of weapons. His statline is good, but without any gear the buffs provided by the other two are infinitely better. Not to mention that DC + Reclusiarch = a great deal of baddassery.

If you put your DC in a rhino (or any other non-assault vehicle transport) you should give them all bolters (as they can't assault right after they charge, and they're relentless so...) and regardless give the PF/TH guys bolters (because relentless).

Does your RAS have any gear?

Furioso is cool, but now it's AP 3 so make sure you steer clear of TEQ.

I'm assuming raven has an AssCannon? Just a note, it's not technically a dedicated transport it's a heavy support, though it can still carry them.

Overall: Your list isn't particularly unified. You have lots of cool units, but they don't really work together. A DC deathstar is nice, but much more effective in a LR etc (maybe even in the raven?) Tactical marines are good but they should probably have a transport. Assault marines are phenomenal but in a five man squad with no upgrades they won't be able to accomplish very much.

Hope I've been at least a little helpful, GLHF with BA, they're really a fantastic army both for fun and (if played right) effectiveness.

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Well Ive got some more images I plan to put up tonight but for now I wanted to actually give a listing I what I do have/own.

Mainly as I am looking for advice on how to best spend my money, find out what I am needing more urgently. I know I need more depth in the tactical squards and things for when I wish to add weapons and spent points elsewhere but I also needs tanks, I should look at things like Land Raiders and/or more Storm Ravens.

So any advice would be very very welcome, and in return I promise to show off my god awful painting tonight when I get home

Blood Angels: 13th Company

Current Own
  • Tactical Squad x10
    - 1x Rocket Launcher
    - 9x Bolt Guns
  • Death Company x10
    - No jump packs.
    - 1x Power Fist
    - 1x Power Hammer
    - 8x Chain Sword & Bolt Pistol
  • Assault Squad x5
    - All Jump Packs & standard Layout
  • Terminator Squad x5
    I am going to attempt to magnify the Hurricane Missile Attachment
    - x1 Sergeant Storm Bolter + Power Sword.
    - x1 Storm Bolter + Power Fist
    - x1 Storm Bolter + Chain Fist.
    - x1 Heavy Flamer + Power Fist.
    - x1 Assault Cannon + Power Fist.
  • Scout Squad x5
    - With snipers
  • Bike Squad x7
    - 1x Attack Bike (Incomplete.)
    - 5x Twin Linked Bolt Gun. (x2 Unpainted)
    - 1x Sergeant Twin Linked Bolt Guns w/ 1x Power Weapon.
  • Commander/Captain x1
    - Chain Sword.
    - Bolt Gun.
  • Storm Raven x1
    - Multi Melters
    - Side sponsons have Hurricane bolters
    - Missiles
  • Rhino x1
    - Standard Layout, Twin linked Bolter (I think)
  • Furioso Dreadnaught x1
    - Blood Talons (read “blenders”)

  • x1 Reclusium Command Squad.
  • x1 Librarian.
  • x1 New Tactical Squad.

What I have purchased and still on the Sprue’s.
  • Sanguinary Guard x5
    - Plus another 5 I got from Ebay that are not in a condition that’s worth painting.
  • Devastator Squad x5
  • Mephiston, Lord of Death x1 (Old metal figure)
  • Sanguinary Priest x1
  • Astorath the Grim

That's the list of what I currently own, yeah I know my army is lacking, this is a project still building. This is the first army I've built, many many years ago I played one game with Eldar.

I had considered replacing the Storm Raven with some bikers maybe, I originalls had some terminators in the list but they were too expensive

So be it.
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Ok. So. When you get your new guys, try to go for something more like this.

Libby - 100

Tactical Squad - 170
Rhino - 50

10x DC (in raven) (PF) - 225
or sub them for some shooty termies, but I like this better

RAS (get this squad flamers!) - 125 (for flmr + 2x hf)

Raven (AC/MM/HB) - 230
Don't take this out btw, because against other fliers you will need it.

This only gives you 15 scoring bodies (maybe a bit low) but it's much more mobile and effective. Tac. in rhino just because it's more effective, DC in raven so they can assault out, no dread because our dreads got seriously nerfed (fragioso is maybe the only viable one) libby for force modification (or you could do a reclusiarch and drop 30 points somewhere).

Another idea is taking those SG and pretending they're jump troops...

So be it.
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Sorry it's Regular Assault Squad. I guess it gets a bit confusing because nowadays people are starting to use ASM instead, but it's just how I type it.

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Sorry it's Regular Assault Squad. I guess it gets a bit confusing because nowadays people are starting to use ASM instead, but it's just how I type it.
Aaah, no I've build them as standard as I intend to add the options to the next set I purchase?

Why? You dont think they'll be effective enough standard
Its worth noting that this is for a game against Tau on Thursday, so my main goal will be to get in close quickly before his ranged can take me out.

So be it.
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Well, if the squad is naked it's only 11 attacks base 16 on the charge with no special rules. While that's nothing to scoff at, it's not necessarily worth 100 points (Even if they do hit and wound on threes, thats still only 10.5 hits and then 7 wounds so 3.5 dead tau firewarriors). If you add flamers (especially 3 templates) then getting even only 2 or 3 hits each they exponentially increase your damage output. They make them an effective counter to hordes, or if you give them meltas to tanks. A fire warrior squad being hit by 25 points of 3 templates (averaging 3 hits that's 3 s4 hits and 6 s3 hits so 5 wounds to 2.5 dead tau, almost doubling your damage output for an extra quarter of their points). Sorry that was a lot of mental math.

With tau, he will shoot down almost everything you have before you reach him, so be prepared for that flimsy 5 man squad to be at best a fire magnet and at worst a kill point. Theoretically they might make it, but will doubtfully have more than, say, 2 guys left, meaning that those flamers are gonna come in very handy. As it is you will probably have to hide them behind your rhino just to survive.

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Final listing had a change, I had a librarian in replace of Captain and the Blender Dread became Death company dread.

In the interest of avoiding multiple threads about the same issue Ill give a brief result here as opposed to a full battle report.

In the end we ended up playing a 3-way 1000 point game

Tyranids vs Blood Angels vs Tau
We played an objective game.

The Tyranids won quite convingly, Tau were completely wipped out by the end of the Game where my Blood Angels still had 5 Tactical Marines left holding one of the objectives.

Tyranids = 4
Tau + BA = 1

If anyone would like a full write up I am happy to write up a proper battle report, or more accurately try to as Ive never written one before :p

We're playing a 1500 point game this coming Tuesday night so Im going to take what I learnt from this battle and rethink some things :)
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