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Just started a BA wip thread for my new army and was asked for a how too on my reds. Well since I'm painting them up I thought I might as well photograph as I go.

Stage 1: Basecoat Black
Stage 2: Fill in block areas with Mechrite Red

Stage 3: Go over the base red with Blood Red

Stage 4: Wash everything with a 50:50 mix of Ogryn Flesh and Badab Black

Stage 5: Re apply a layer of Blood Red leaving some shadows in from the wash - the Blood Red is quite thin even before watering it down possibly requiring 2 coats or using it to progressivly highlight.

Stage 6: Start to add in highlights of Blazing Orange. Same as with the last stage you can use multiple layers to build this up in into smaller details.

Close up of shoulder highlights from stage 6 (Rogue cat hair attacks!)

Stage 7: Finish off extreme highlights with Vomit Brown. Extreme close up here to show the slight amount of paint needed.

Really nasty looking close up for that last one but frustration by having my cats attack me lead to a very pink white on the helm which I had to cover a few too many times with unwatered down white.

Heres the same method applied to my libby

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Thats what mine have been missing - the Blazing Orange highlights. I've done a similiar scheme:

1. Black primer
2. Red Gore
3. Blood Red (heavy highlights with the Red Gore left in the crevices)
4. Black Wash
5. Blood Red Highlights

I will have to add some Blazing Orange highlights as well.

Great tutorial!
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