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I love my space Vikings for the fluff and I also love the fluff of the Blood angels so thought I would throw a list together for fun and see what you guys think.

Blood angels:
Liberian Dread, ML2, Melta= 185pts

5 man Tac squad, Grav gun, Rhino with Storm Bolter=135pts
5 man Scout squad= 55pts

5 Death Company, Jump pack, 1 Power fist, 1 Power sword=155pt
1 Death Company dread, blood claws, magna grapple, Drop pod=170pts
5 man Terminator, Heavy Flamer, 4 storm Bolters and Power fists= 210pts

Dev Squad,3 ML, 1 Plasma Cannon= 130pts

Space Wolves:

Bjorn, Helfrost Cannon=220 pts

5 Blood Claws 1 power sword=75pts
5 Grey Hunters 1 Plasma Gun=85pts

3 Thunder Cav 3 Storm shields, 3 wolf claws= 75pts

Pred, Lascannon= 100pts

Total: 1745

Im really just using what I have (I do have more units) but I like this list, I feel like 4 Troop options give me many options for objectives also many for the enemy to try and kill off. I also like the amount of deeds I have, yes they are pricey but man are they handy, they rip things apart in combat. libby dread with Blood angles powers is also really nice for a primas power. Also I feel my list can also move very quickly with the Deep striking, drop pod, Over charged Rhino and the thunder cav. What you guys think?
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