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Going kinda batty with the Reserves these days, and this list is in preparation for the glory that will be my Blood Angel and Deathwing lists of the future. Objective Secured Drop Pods, Stormravens, and of course: PSYKERS. Managed to squeeze 6 ML points into this list, pretty stoked on how that will turn out. Here we go:

BA Combined Arms Detachment

Librarian - ML2, JP

Furioso Librarian

Priest - PS, JP

10 man Assault squad - 2x MG, PF, Drop Pod

10 man Assault squad - 2x F, 2x HF

Stormraven - TLLC, TLMM

IF Allied Detachment

Librarian - ML2, Terminator armour, SS

Terminator Assault squad - 5x TH/SS

10 man Tactical squad - PG, Drop Pod

10 man Tactical squad - PG, Drop Pod

Stormraven - TLLC, TLMM

So basically I've got 20 marines on the table at the end of T1, putting Drop Pods on Objectives as available or necessary. The JP equipped BA squad of flame death has consistently shown up T2 thanks to Descent of Angels granting re-rolls. The SR's house either the Libbynaught or the Hammernator/Libby combo- both plenty survivable should the birds get blown out of the sky.

What do you think, 100% reserves a good idea or bad one? I'll be getting to a BA/DW one that involves many Drop Pods and DW Terminators showing up T1 with Servo Skulls for better DSing accuracy. Just waiting on many TH/SS arms, really.
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