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Since I began my acting career I've had very little time to dedicate to the blog in the capacity it needs.

Therefore I've come to a decision, I want to hand the reigns over to an editor or two to bring it forward.

If you want to run a blog with a tonne of traffic and possibly build a name for yourself as an internet wargaming celeb post here or shoot me a PM.

If you have zero experience running blogs, writing or cannot demonstrate the know how and credentials to make it a success don't even bother applying :)


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I am surprised there has been no response to this.

If i wasn't already heading up my own blog/news site (although it is only fiction news/stuff) i would be more than happy to help out again. I'm always willing to write up some editorials for whomever takes over. As i have done in the past.


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I have the basic knowhow of editing/setting up and monitoring blogs, altho mostly it was school work and sortlike things.
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