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Evening one and all,
As some of you may know, and those who look at my work will come to know, I take on crazily ambitious projects and tend to fall far short of my own expectations and shelve them. This one shall be no different, that I promise you! I am delving into what is potentially as controversial as Truescale Space Marine blogs - some love 'em, some hate 'em. Most people have an opinion, and it's rarely neutral.

Grimdark Orks
The next project I've got on the go is an Ork war band. As of yet I have no real story outlined, nor a colour scheme, for now it will primarily be sculpting and converting until I'm back home over summer (leaving my paints at home this Semester to force me to do my dissertation! Though the GS and sculpting tools will follow me). For me, Orks should be terrifying creatures, as they are presented in the majority of the Black Library's publishings: huge, fierce, crude. To me, this isn't represented in the models themselves, don't get me wrong, there are some fantastic Ork armies out on the web, but to me they just seem a little bit tongue-in-cheek, and the models themselves are very dated. A fantastic paintjob can only go so far in my opinion.

To remedy this problem I am intending on converting my Orks (AoBR) to represent what I feel an Ork should look like - something to give even a Space Marine pause before diving in chainblade first.
The issue
This first image highlights one of the main things that I take issue with in the Ork models I've got myself. While I cannot speak for the entire range, I assume that the anatomy of the Orks was the same on Black Reach as in the rest of the Galaxy. What you see here in the first image is the back, bum 'n legs. While I appreciate there is something of a troll-like theme throughout the Ork range - long arms, shorter legs, the back is inexcusible. There is absolutely no depth to the model's torso: no chest cavity to speak of, it doesn't really come out from the legs at all; most significantly, to me, is that total lack of a back. As such, I am giving him one, this will also have the nice effect of bulking him up a lot as well.

The beginnings of this can be seen in the next picture - please bear in mind that this is a very rough WIP, it's merely bulking rather than shaping at this stage. I've built up some flesh to bring it more in line with the creatures boote.

This image shows my other problem with the Ork range. Those damn necks. I just do not like them at all, this is personal preference.

The fix (ish)
As such, I've began to build up more of a neck to the creature. I'm more envisaging those 'gym muscles' (Traps) that the gym bunnies get when they stay on the 'roids all year and spend their day shrugging and screaming at the gym mirrors. Big and bulky, but to me, more anatomically stable for one, and secondly removing a little bit of the hunchedness of the Orks. This can be seen below, along with the beginnings of some detailing on one side of the body (those finger prints will be covered up!). I've included a shot of one of my marines for scale. They're currently the same height (roughly) if you take the slant of the base into account, and when I stretch the legs a tiny bit the nob will be a couple of mm bigger, as the descriptions in various books state. Normal Orksies will still be slightly smaller than my Marines though.

Oh, and this is the PIP of the marine incase anyone was wondering. I tried some zenithal highlighting with the airbrush, I'm not sure how it's gone, so I'll have to wait for the finished piece for a true verdict, but it does seem a bit stark at the moment, though perhaps that's because of the pose not allowing much of the model to the light.


Now that that's off my chest I think I'll be able to get some sleep tonight.
If anyone has any questions, comments, criticism (but not a gag order!!) please fire away!!! It helps a lot to focus projects down to the nitty gritty.
-Blissful Brushes-

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I like what your doing but you have to do something to the legs. Otherwise its going to throw the whole Mini off. While I believe you have the right idea i would also leave the head positon to the last until youve fleshed out the body. Otherwise he looks like he has a very long neck.
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