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Blackadder Attempts to build an Imperial Warmonger Titan

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Lucius Patten Imperator Titan 'Invictus'

So with the blurb ten months ago about my proposal to begin an Imperator Titan I kinda fell flat on my face.

First, finishing up the Thunderhawk monopolized a good deal of my time and learning how to best incorporate lighting in said Thunderhawk and my Warlord engaged yet more time. Then the Presidential election captured my attention almost to the exclusion of all things else. Finally I have returned to normalcy with what I consider a fabulous idea to make a hip and lower torso mount commensurate with an automaton of this magnitude.

So we shall begin with the 'pelvis' which I found ready made on my local Lowes Building center where I purchased about six bucks worth of PVC pipe fittings A compression fitting Tee, a threaded coupling for the connection to the upper torso and two more for the hips connections.


Naturally all this is quite utilitarian and looks exactly what it is, some pipe fittings and there are many titans that follow this procedure and leave the fittings as is. I intend to flesh out the assembly in styrene so as to hide all the piping that will only serve as an armature or skeleton for the model.

In the image below you will get an idea of how much more robust this construct will be compared to the pelvis and hips of my Warlord.


Where as Luteus Vexant has hips trunnions about an inch in diameter 'Invictus' shall have 1.5 inch axles.

The beauty of this ready made construction technique is I shall be able pivot the waist and separate the model easily and hopefully allow the legs to be posed in a walking position as well as the spraddle-legged pose.

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Family Portrait:

Who's your Daddy? I accomplished a whirlwind revamp of the Command Deck aka the 'Head' shortening the rear overhang (Wait, he is talking about the head of this beastie not the loo???) but I did leave the cock's comb alone. (he is talking about the loo!)

Seen here along side my Warlord to give a proper scale.


And a closeup.


More images to come............
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Seems I may have miscalculated on the size of the Titan. That face is huge compared to the Warlord. Of course I had planned upwards of 36 inches ( 0.9144 meters )but I had hoped to keep it under 33 inches (0.8382 meters ) just so it didn't relegate my Warlord to a minor player. This may not be the case now.


The front view in my estimation is spot on and I shall proceed with the styrene version and make the cutouts on the basic structure. Once I am satisfied with the overall size relationship of the various parts of the 'face' I'll make the details.


The side view doesn't look quite right as there is too much forward projection with the cardboard template. When rendered in styrene wot the extra cheek plates added all will line up as it is supposed to......
At least that is my expectation.
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Chin Guard Detail:

Back from Easter holiday; before I left I started the detail of the chin guard because I might have to put slots in the backing as well as the decorative spear shapes. The slots are ready made aligning points so duplicating the spear point is a cinch.


I used a slightly modified tongue depresor to file the pieces to roughly the same shape and each pair is roughly 2 MM longer that the other S M L respectively


Now that the three pair are rough shaped I can clean up the edges and thin them all down to the finished width.

This model head seems a lot easier than was the Warlord so far.
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Seriously this is probably the most gratifying construct I have done in quite some time.


Everything is falling into place.


Even though the chin armour is too far forward (easily remedied) it gives a hint of the majesty to come.......


It's still not too late to start following/building along on this construction. I foresee this will be quite something when finished. :blush:
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Then A Miracle Happened:

But no, it didn't.... I was working without checking on the so far completed 'Skull' (well that's what it looks like to me) and I got away from the proper relative sizes. and so far it looks okay. The cheek armour under the visor seems about right especially since the large round canisters under the eye sockets still need to be added.


I still have to pare down the nose and chin dart embellishments and I'm having difficulty reconciling the extra wide vertical strip under the nose; it looks too wide to me on the skull but less so on the 2D image. I like it thinner as it give the lower face a more refined look.


I'm going to have to bit the bullet and be less slavish to the prototype image and do what my instinct tells me looks best.....

So here is today's effort just tack glue in place temporarily.


and I'm already not liking the chin dart (What was I thinking???) but the roughed in nose seems pretty close to what I looking for.
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The chin piece does look a little off, would you consider inverting it, take the focus away from the central line
Space Marine regalia:

Sorry, I got 'way too ahead of myself last night and in a fit of inspiration came up with the resolution to the nose and chin gewgaws but also the iron prow boot.

First the boot as I don't know what the interior looks like I got the inspiration to make it a solid floor and use the slots for small arms loopholes,


just about enough room for a coupl'a sharpshooters shoulder to shoulder firing down at retreating infantry probably not in


The floor is 0.040 inch (1,0 MM) styrene which still needs to be trimmed to size but I still left one side not done so you can see the gusset strips needed to spread the floor. 70,0 MM (2.75 inches).


Gluing the strip inside first and letting dry for an hour


And finally finishing up the nose vents and rebuilding the chin gewgaw.

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Back On Track:

After quite a bit of editing I'm back on track With the nose and chin darts pretty much as I want them but of course they are still rough and need to be refined to a more elegant shape. I think it will be better to do these alterations whilst on the head a bit at a time so as not to compromise what is almost satisfactory.


I took the image below so the substructure can be seen. I was in a quandary how to make the flare on either side of the chin until I added the floor which made the whole thing easy plus it gave stability to the chin guard and a reason for being; i.e. a small arms fighting platform. I just made more work for myself as now I need to access and egress this area.


The Space Marine is a bit large for this cramped area but a couple of cadians will fit nicely.


This side view shows I still have a lot of shaping to the flare to do.


and front view likewise but there is a method to my madness because it is easier to sand and shape things smaller than it is to cut off and replace things with larger.


So just a couple of more images tour de force while I install the other flare today.


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Yeah So The Visor's Not Right; I Know: :D

It's like working a Rubik's Cube. You have to discard order to increase order. I have figured out the mechanism to pin the side panels back and still allow for the movement and easy disassembly otherwise I could jut glue and be done with it.


But what I am really showing is the first layer of the reinforcing gussets that I have to admit are somewhat crude.

The side view seems reminiscent of the Batman comic Joker Which may or may not be a good thing


The rear quarter view show there is still a tremendous amount of detailing to be done. But fun none the less.


And of course the hidden areas that no one will ever see once all the magnets and clips are installed to keep the head together.


Finally my unpatented slide mechanism for easy removal of the visor.


Gawd, I still have to add lighting to this as well!
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Artistic Interpretation:

That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

My Invictus skull differs from the image in many respects. Some as corrected projection errors such as the wrap around eyes, some as untranslatable 2D to 3D projection discrepancies and some as, "I just think it looks better that way." larger darts on the helmet, shorter and wider chin. Yadda yadda.........

and some with flat out mistakes on my part in building without measuring.


The flat iron flare of the chin in my model is almost twice the size of the image but I like the side view on the image but not the front view so I made the front view conform to the side and, walla, extra wide flange.


The side view is pathetic but it'll due for the nonce. I just tack glued everything together so the helmet tips back and the chin doesn't jut as it should and the visor is too vertical but you can get the idea.

You can see by the images below that as of this time I intend to have the Chin, Visor and Helmet as one piece. This may change after I make the interior cockpit area but I am having difficulty mating the visor to the chin/cheek plates.



Suddenly It's Martini Time.
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Eyes Have it:

Preparing to add the wiring and LEDs some time this weekend so first I needed to know where the eye socket lenses would go and how they would fit. Getting the angles of the base of each lens frame was quite a chore as my sockets aren't 100% mirror images of each other depthwise. Fortunately they are within a quarter of a millimeter the same in socket size about 0.010th of an inch; yeah, I know, I was flabbergasted as well when I actually measured them.


Anywho I be gluing on the rivets this evening which should consume a good portion of my relaxation time


Meanwhile here's an image I found that shows the relative sizes of my Warlord to this new construction although I think the white shirted figure at the foot of the Warlord is too small.

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Subject To Change:

I changed my mind about what to work on last night. I had it in mind to detail the rivets but an idea occurred to me as to how to fasten the visor to the helmet so I went with that.

I used a slip joint slide to fasten the horizontal stabilizer to the vertical stabilizer on my Thunderhawk so I know it will work and as long as it isn't treated too rough.

We see below the result of an hour or so fiddling and waiting for the various glued parts to dry; a slide rail on the helmet and a slot to receive the rail on the visor. The tolerance is snug enough to hold the visor in place but sufficiently loose to allow ease of removal.


I really should learn to take videos for these demos but slipped half on.


and slid home.


The beauty of this arrangement is it allows me to complete the visor lighting at a later date after I finish the interior cockpit assembly.

And a few images of the visor in place and at the proper angle now:



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The Neck Passage:

Before I leave for Las Vegas a little something that came to me this past evening. Since I am making a full cockpit interior I'll need a sufficient mount so why not use the mount to simulate a passage thru the neck.


And to reinforce the floor and give me something to attach the cockpit why not a few Lightening holes.


I'll explain how this was done when I

See you all next week; Ciao.
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Thanks for the reply; I am back from a tedious 2600 mile odyssey traveling the breadth of the United States in three days in a 16 foot truck trailering a car which was no picnic. It took me a day to recuperate and a day to unload the truck and a couple of days to get my groove back. Yesterday I began again to make pieces for the interior and I hope to have a post update ready tomorrow. Meanwhile thanks for all the posts and the support. I'll try not to let you all down. Worthy of note; I spent three days in Las Vegas and didn't spend so much as a nickel gambling. Somewhat of a record to my mind but I did see the Arizona Meteor Crater which was a life long ambition.

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I'd love to see that crater with my own eyes! That is some miles you put in there, I can find driving tedious and my country is 100 times smaller than the USA! As to the project, looking really good, im also looking forward to what beverage you'll be having next, Kraken rum has found firm favour with this call sign since you told us of the Kraken Blast
I'd love to see that crater with my own eyes! That is some miles you put in there, I can find driving tedious and my country is 100 times smaller than the USA! As to the project, looking really good, im also looking forward to what beverage you'll be having next, Kraken rum has found firm favour with this call sign since you told us of the Kraken Blast
A Long Island Ice Tea is my imbibment of choice for the Summer Months


1.5 cl Gin
1.5 cl Tequila
1.5 cl Vodka
1.5 cl White Rum
1.5 cl Triple sec
3.0 cl Gomme syrup
2.5 cl Lemon juice, fresh
1 dash of Cola
Add all ingredients into highball glass filled with ice.
Stir gently. Garnish with lemon spiral. Serve with straw.
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Sounds good, I'll have to give it a go, thanks
Slowing Down:

Am I slowing down in my dotage?

A week ago I was somewhere in Texas, Windmills to the right of me, windmills to the left of me from horizon to horizon.

The tallest wind turbines in the U.S. have been installed in Texas — the Vestas V90 turbines are 345 feet high, and are rated at 3 megawatts each. They are part of the 63 megawatt Snyder Wind Project, a wind farm that’s just been installed in western Texas.

Today I finally put the floor in my Emperor Titan head. a weeks worth of work and damned little to actually show


I vacillated from not enough room to too much room......


but now that the actual floor is installed it all is coming together correctly


Sorry for what seems redundant images but the previous ones were without the floor and not able to be handled. Now at least they are held together with gum bands and aside from being somewhat askew are just about right for installing the interior furniture.


With plenty of room to spare.

Tonight's repast; Martini, Texas Chili and the Doctor Strange BlueRay Video....

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Don't Be So Proud Of This Engineering Marvel You've Created

It pales to insignificance compared to the force.

So it's been quite a while since I posted; I've been really busy with community activism. But I did manage to work a bit on the interior. So the best thing to do is to show how it breaks down......

The Complete er-ah- Head as it is today.


Slide the visor up to disengage the faceplate.


The Faceplate engages the neck corridor floor with a tongue in groove joint.


Revealing where the interior cockpit will eventually be assembled.

The Chin fighting platform floor is held in place by a single screw , the only hardware needed so far in this assembly.


and tongue in groove edges


To round out the effort the visor slips off to reveal the cockpit interior when the model is completed.


Long Island Ice Tea Time. Skoal!

BTW I'm open to any questions regarding the construction if the pictures have you puzzled but only on the thread; not a PM please.
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