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Blackadder Attempts to build an Imperial Warmonger Titan

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Lucius Patten Imperator Titan 'Invictus'

So with the blurb ten months ago about my proposal to begin an Imperator Titan I kinda fell flat on my face.

First, finishing up the Thunderhawk monopolized a good deal of my time and learning how to best incorporate lighting in said Thunderhawk and my Warlord engaged yet more time. Then the Presidential election captured my attention almost to the exclusion of all things else. Finally I have returned to normalcy with what I consider a fabulous idea to make a hip and lower torso mount commensurate with an automaton of this magnitude.

So we shall begin with the 'pelvis' which I found ready made on my local Lowes Building center where I purchased about six bucks worth of PVC pipe fittings A compression fitting Tee, a threaded coupling for the connection to the upper torso and two more for the hips connections.


Naturally all this is quite utilitarian and looks exactly what it is, some pipe fittings and there are many titans that follow this procedure and leave the fittings as is. I intend to flesh out the assembly in styrene so as to hide all the piping that will only serve as an armature or skeleton for the model.

In the image below you will get an idea of how much more robust this construct will be compared to the pelvis and hips of my Warlord.


Where as Luteus Vexant has hips trunnions about an inch in diameter 'Invictus' shall have 1.5 inch axles.

The beauty of this ready made construction technique is I shall be able pivot the waist and separate the model easily and hopefully allow the legs to be posed in a walking position as well as the spraddle-legged pose.

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You never cease to amaze me, mate! Continuously more advanced and ambitious project ideas that are pushed through to completion. Amazing work! Can't wait to see this one finished :grin2:

And I have to say that your method of logging your progress by taking a LOT of pictures is great. Everyone gets to see from what relatively basic materials you start from, and how you make it look stunning in the end. I've often seen the method of "I started out with this and voilá, this is the end result", where the middle parts are left out. You, sir, give a lot of incentive to others by taking these WIP pictures that show how much of the end result is down to smaller details done in the assembly phase. A big thank you! :)
Ooh, amazing inspiration figure in that background pic! Slightly longer legs will work, I think, as the model in the picture seems a bit too top-heavy. The helmet size seems good, gives a nice idea of the size of the final model :grin2:

Keep at it! :)
Progress is looking gooooooooood! Keep at it mate! :grin2:
Keeps on looking better and better! Gotta love the detailed explanations of the working steps :)

Have some rep for this! :grin2:
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