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So, I was thinking to myself...self...I don't nearly have enough 40k stuff to work on. I have about 1200pts of nids to finish (which are on a far back burner for now), 2000pts of IG to work on (but they get sooo boring painting green all the time), and about 5 models of my chaos force to paint (to give me 6000pts or so)
So, I just need something else to start.
So I started toying around with the idea of a Black Templar/Sisters of Battle allied force at about 1500pts.

This is what I came up with:

HQ -
Castellan w/ power weapon and adamentate mantle
5 Command squad retinue w/ Apothocary
Razor Back

Emperors Champion w/ Uphold honor of emperor

Canoness w/ Blessed Weapon and Cloak of Aspiria
5 Celestian Retunue squad w/ heavy flamer and flamer
- 618

Elites -
5 Sword Brethren Terminators
1 Drednaught
- 305pts

Troops -
8 Crusader Squad initiates w/Multimelta and melta gun
8 Crusader Squad initiates
10 Battle Sisters w/ Veteran sister superior, Brazier of holy fire, Flamer, Heavy Flamer
10 Battle Sisters w/ Veteran sister superior, meltabombs, meltagun, melta gun
- 577

Total - 1500pts

So, what are the thoughts???
This is also just a start force too, eventually I'll expand to around 3000-3500pts just need to know how useful of a force this would be.

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I like what you have tried to do here, but sadly it's not going to work. You can't leave just 8 Initiates to footslog across the table and survive long enough to be effective in close combat. If you drop the MM and add a Power Fist and Transports you will be alright. I see how I can tear this list apart with some long range fire. Even rapid fire bolters will kill you.

You also have WAY to many Hq choices for the points. Pick one other than the EC. Having one from each under 2k really hurts you because then you lack core components for your list.

Your EC needs, NEEDS to have AAC those re-rolls in combat are what you'll need to even think about winning with this list. 17 marines in a list, especially a BT list is not enough and those 6+ invul saves will fail more often than not.

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