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I have a fairly large army that is mostly put together and and partially painted.

It includes

High Marshall Helbrecht
Custom commander- Power sword and storm shield
Command Squad- Chapter Banner, Apothecary, Plasma Gunner
Chaplain with Jump Pack- Bad Paint!

7 Terminators 2 With power sword one with flamer

30 Tactical Marines- Some well painted some Not!
5 Devastators- Missing some hands That i have
10 Assault Marines

1 Rhino- Needs Repairs
1 Razorback w/ Heavy Bolter- Needs Repairs
1 Terminus Pattern Land Raider- Painted and almost put together Hard to Find!

1 Old style Tech Marine

1 Venerable Dreadnaught- Good Paint
1 Dreadnaught - OOP I think it was a space wolves but i primed over the symbols

Lots of bits and peices to finish things and make new things

4-5 Marines that are in pieces

Everything is Primed and ready to glue ill also include whatever paint i have left over. Thank You!

Message Me if u are interested I am looking for best offer I can also send You some Pictures!

Email Me- [email protected]

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Also Adding
Games Day 2006 Seargeant with Power Fist and Storm Bolter
And some OOP Seargeants !

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Messaging currently, but just to clarify, we can assume all the tactical marines and such have the converted black templar peices on them, correct?

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Name Retail My price
Devastator Squad 50 45
Rhino 45 20
Razorback 50 20
Land Raider 75 60
7 Termies 70 55
30 Marines 135 75
1 Chaplain w jet pack 10 6 Free With Assault Squad
1 Command Squad 35 15
Emperors Champion 18 10
10 Assault 80 55
Helbrecht 20 10 Free With Whole Army
1 Ven Dread 70 50
1 Dread 55 30
Sword bretheren 45 25
Tech Marine 16 NA Free with Land Raider
Codex 20 10 Comes with Army
Mini Rule Book NA 10 Come with Army
Terrain 50 40 Great Pieces Half off If you buy it as the whole army
Total 824 536
If you buy the whole thing price will be 470 with Terrain or 450 without this include Deducs with free things

Lots of Black Templars they have lots of shoulder pads and as many bits as i
can find if you buy the whole thing GReat Deal!!! Email: [email protected]
I also have various OOP Sargeants and the 2006 Sargaent w/ Powerfist to whoever buys the army
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