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Well the special rules states under "kill them all" (pg 23 BT Codex) that "If a Black Templars infantry, jump infantry, or bike unit shoots in the Shooting phase, it suffers a -1 modifier to its leadership when testing to see if it can target any enemy unit other than the closest."

This rule states WHEN they test, not that they DO test. So, since you dont test to see any units in 5th (other than night fighting) doesnt that mean that Templars dont follow target priority because no where in the BT codex does it say that Templars have to target the closest unit or test?
answered your own question, you dont need to take a target priority test any more for any reason therefore this rule is null and void

Tau have some things like this with marker lights allowing you to use them to ignore target priority, but that rule is now void so cannot be used unless you wanna waste a markerlight point
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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