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I started collecting Space Marines like 2 years ago, bought some models and sadly had to put my army on the side because of university. Now I have a lot more free time and recently got back into it, but need help building my army. Keep in mind that I already have some models done and absolutely want to use them all. Here what I already have:

15 tactical marines (I've included my 5 sword brethren unit in there)
5 assault marines
5 scout sniper
5 assault terminators
1 dreadnought

So here's one of my latest list, tell me what you think, I'm a bit of a n00b...and sorry for my bad english. Thanks!

@HQ [ 2 ]

Captain (140pt.) Iron halo; Artificer armour; Lightning claw (x2)

5x - Command Squad (205pt.)
> 1x - Veteran (20pt.); Chainsword; Bolt pistol
> 1x - Veteran (45pt.); Power fist; Bolt pistol
> 1x - Veteran (35pt.); Chainsword; Bolt pistol; Company Standard
> 1x - Company Champion (35pt.);
> 1x - Apothecary (35pt.); Chainsword; Narthecium
> 1x - Drop Pod (35pt.);

@Elites [ 2 ]

Venerable Dreadnought (170pt.) Multi-melta; Power fist; Built-in Heavy flamer
> 1x - Drop Pod (35pt.);

5x - Terminator Assault Squad (215pt.)
> 1x - Terminator Sergeant (40pt.); Lightning claw (x2)
> 3x - Terminator (45pt.); Thunder hammer; Storm shield
> 1x - Terminator (40pt.); Lightning claw (x2)

@Troops [ 4 ]

15x - Crusader Squad (505pt.)
> 7x - Initiate (14pt.); Bolt pistol; Chainsword
> 1x - Initiate (19pt.); Flamer
> 1x - Initiate (39pt.); Power fist
> 1x - Sword Brother (39pt.); Power weapon
> 5x - Neophyte (10pt.); Bolt pistol; Close combat weapon
> 1x - Land Raider Crusader (260pt.); Multi melta

5x - Scout Squad (60pt.)
> 1x - Scout Sergeant (12pt.); Sniper rifle
> 4x - Scout (12pt.); Sniper rifle

5x - Crusader Squad (165pt.)
> 3x - Initiate (14pt.); Bolt pistol; Chainsword
> 1x - Initiate (24pt.); Bolt pistol; Meltagun
> 1x - Sword Brother (54pt.); Power fist; Melta bombs
> 1x - Drop Pod (45pt.); Locator beacon

5x - Crusader Squad (140pt.)
> 3x - Initiate (14pt.); Boltgun
> 1x - Initiate (29pt.); Plasma cannon
> 1x - Sword Brother (34pt.); Combi-plasma
> 1x - Drop Pod (35pt.);

@Fast attack [ 2 ]

Stormtalon Gunship (125pt.) Skyhammer missile launcher

5x - Assault squad (110pt.) Jump Packs
> 1x - Space Marine Sergeant (37pt.); Power weapon; Melta bombs
> 1x - Space Marine (22pt.); Flamer
> 3x - Space Marine (17pt.); Chainsword; Bolt pistol

Created by Head Quarters - online roster builderhttp://hq-builder.com

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hi Redfox49

nice to see another fellow Black Templar player.

the list looks okay to me a few things to maybe look and this is only my opinion so take it as you will :)

for your HQ section
i have never really used a command squad with my HQ choice i usually ride him with my assault terminators in a land raider crusader. with this list not sure if a captain is the best choice maybe a tooled up reclusiarch or maybe look at one of the named characters Helbretch or Grimaldus. (i tend to use one or ther other in 1500pnts or more). a change i would make to the HQ set up would be take the captain in terminator armour with the iron halo and lightning claws and put him with the assault terminator unit and give them the land raider crusader and drop the command squad freeing up the points and you could upgrade your HQ to a named character which would only be around 40pnts.

the elites are a lot the same as what i use. sometimes i'll use a twin linked las and missile launcher dread and keep him in the back field.

your troops are fine but i don't really see the need for neo's anymore as we lost the zeal rule with the change over to the new codex. i would be inclined to drop them and use the 50 points to give them a rhino and with the points left over from that and dropping the comand squad, could net you another rhino with a unit of intiates. this would give you the 3 vehicles for your ground assault (the 2 rhino's and the land raider crusader) and leave you your 2 drop pods for reinforcement of your ground troops. this would also give you 5 troops choices for objective based games.

fast attack
I don't own any flyers so can't comment on that but i do use assault marines (although i usually take them in a squad of 10) they are a nice unit to have on call.

so that's about it from me just giving you some alternative ideas and some other thoughts.

oh and on a side note your not supposed to print individual points costs so you might want to edit them out, although unit costs are fine. ie 5 man assault squad 110pnts and then just list what is in the squad with out the pnt costs next to them.

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