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Black Templars 1800pt list to fight Blood Angels is it a ok list?

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Ok this amry list is to fight blood Angels,well at least for me and this is why i made it.it is not really for shooting more Fighting i have allso made a other one to.But anyway's here you go......

-emperor's chamipon
-Accept any challege,no matter the odds.(vow)
-Saint Celestine(Witch Hunters,named person)


Fast Attack
Superior Sister(1),sisters(9)

-Terminater's(10),8 with lighting Claws,2 with thudder hammer and stro shield
-terminater's(9),6 with lighting Claws,3 with thudder hamer and storm shield.

well thats one of my list i like it but i am still makeing more give me any ideas if you got some.I would really like to know if it is a ok list or not.
Thank you
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Well a couple things first... is it a combined armies list and match? if it is then you are doing good but if not and its only one army match then no, your army is not legal. Secondly, you need a whole lot more anti tank for your list is lacking in it. put a powerfist in your initiate squads and add some neophytes for extra wounds. also a chaplain be it Rec or MoS that has a command squad can have a holy relic and keep that close to your regular initiate squads can really put the hurt on once revealed. :) also i would add some dreads in drop pods for they are really worth there points and are versatile. Also note on black templars, there thunder hammer termies are bad compared to regular vanilla termies because the BT codex states that they only get the invul save from the storm shield in close combat, but assault termies with lightning claws with furious charge can really deal damage cause they reroll to hits and to wounds and hit at S5 I5!
thank you for some ideas,and the army list is legal becasue emperor's chamipon is not a HQ he dosent take a slot.And i well be takeing off the thudder hammer and storm sheild's and just add lighting claws :D
Allso this list is to fight Blood angels,so i am not worryed about geting shot at,it well be a deathmach game to nothing eles.
THis is a legal list the emperors chamipon dose not take a slot for HQ.
And if the emperor's chamipon is not then plz tell me what it is
and yes i am useing the witch hunnters codex to
what we were wondering is if this game is a BT vs BA or BT/WH vs BA? and yes i kno the emperor champ doesnt use a HQ slot...
Sorry its Black templars/witch hunters VS Blood Angels.
and why is the list not legal.
Well thank you everybody for saying something about this list.
But what i am hearing is i should drop Witch hunters and put in my own Bt guys?
i allso know that the blood angels player use's alot of termiantors and atleast a LR.I am still makeing new armys lists.
Should i make a Black Templars/wittch hunter or Black Templars/Daemonhunters or just Black Templars, And my oppent said it was ok to have allies in my army.

if you went me to just put a new Pure Black Templars list up then i will,I was just trying something new.
consider dropping the living saint and giving your troops some rides or some upgrades. add a melta or two to kill that land raider. or even upgrade the seraphin with 1 or 2 inferno pistols to also pop the raider. but you will have to get super close for that ( within 3 inches to make it in melta range )
Thank you and i will try to make a better list now.
Also i am not use to giveing them add-ons like better guns and stuff.
i have olny been playing for a year and i have only played black templars 4 times and i like them so that is why i am keeping them.
The Black templars were are not for shooting just fighting.
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