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Black Templars 1800pt list to fight Blood Angels is it a ok list?

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Ok this amry list is to fight blood Angels,well at least for me and this is why i made it.it is not really for shooting more Fighting i have allso made a other one to.But anyway's here you go......

-emperor's chamipon
-Accept any challege,no matter the odds.(vow)
-Saint Celestine(Witch Hunters,named person)


Fast Attack
Superior Sister(1),sisters(9)

-Terminater's(10),8 with lighting Claws,2 with thudder hammer and stro shield
-terminater's(9),6 with lighting Claws,3 with thudder hamer and storm shield.

well thats one of my list i like it but i am still makeing more give me any ideas if you got some.I would really like to know if it is a ok list or not.
Thank you
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I would try to give at least 1 of the termie units a LR, otherwise if your opponent brings a vindicator, it will turn them into mush, 5+ invulnerable will only do so much.
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