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Black Templars 1800pt list to fight Blood Angels is it a ok list?

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Ok this amry list is to fight blood Angels,well at least for me and this is why i made it.it is not really for shooting more Fighting i have allso made a other one to.But anyway's here you go......

-emperor's chamipon
-Accept any challege,no matter the odds.(vow)
-Saint Celestine(Witch Hunters,named person)


Fast Attack
Superior Sister(1),sisters(9)

-Terminater's(10),8 with lighting Claws,2 with thudder hammer and stro shield
-terminater's(9),6 with lighting Claws,3 with thudder hamer and storm shield.

well thats one of my list i like it but i am still makeing more give me any ideas if you got some.I would really like to know if it is a ok list or not.
Thank you
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the list will do damage when it hits problem is most of your stuff is either deep striking ( im guessing that is what your termies will do ) or walking across the board. If the blood angel player is smart he will just jump away from your termies and completely ignore them. so consider dropping some termies to get one squad a crusader ( for termies or your initiates ) if it's an objective based came 25 marines get taken out really quickly
consider dropping the living saint and giving your troops some rides or some upgrades. add a melta or two to kill that land raider. or even upgrade the seraphin with 1 or 2 inferno pistols to also pop the raider. but you will have to get super close for that ( within 3 inches to make it in melta range )
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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