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I'm not sure I'm a fan of non-av14 mechlar. Our transports just cost too much and we get too little out of them.
I like the plascanplas squad, neat idea, I always go lasplas but I think you might have some merit there.

The emperor's champ will be in a rhino? Ugh. The problem with mobile templar in this fashion is you're rolling ld8 everytime you get shot, so slightly less than 50% of the time you lose a unit as it run backward.
I'd might suggest ditching both rhino bound squads and instead taking a large squad, with a chaplain if you can afford the points(grants you ability to never fall back, rage an extra 3" and rage at the enemy you WANT TO rage at!) all this for about the same price.

I'd probably drop the heavy flamer on the landspeeder, just too pricey. The LS is built to pop tanks you've already got infantry killing in the form of dudes.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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