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Hey all,

I've got the scoop on whats forthcoming from the Black Library this month. Here's an abbreviated version:

New and Noteworthy:

  • Space Marine Battles has quickly proven to be a favourite with fans. Both of the previous titles Rynn’s World and Helsreach have maintained positions on the Nielsen Bookscan charts. The latest offering is entitled Hunt for Voldorius by Andy Hoare.
  • Fear the Alien features tales detailing the alien races of the 41st millennium. Some of the best Black Library authors have been gathered in one volume to give a different view of the universe.
  • C.L. Werner strikes again! Temple of the Serpent is the next book in the stories of Grey Seer Thanquol.
Whispers from the Warp:

  • Black Library will be debuting a new, hopefully permanent product for download on their website. (Read more by following the link to the rest of the report.)
  • Nemesis, Path of the Warrior and Enforcer are overall best-selling books on Bookscan at the moment.

Looking Forward:

  • Sabbat Worlds is a hardcover anthology edited and featuring stories by Dan Abnett as well as several close friends writing about the Sabbat Worlds from their viewpoint.
  • Blood Pact is the paperback version of Dan’s best selling Gaunt’s Ghosts novel.
  • Preparing for the new Ciaphas Cain novel in December, the Black Library’s most dedicated are pleased to release Defender of the Imperium, the second Ciaphas Cain omnibus.
  • Last and not forgotten we slid in Zombieslayer by Nathan Long in time to prep you for Halloween.

To see the rest of this report, Click here: http://www.thefoundingfields.com/2010/08/black-library-news-august.html

and to check out other Black Library News and events/mentions, head on over to The Founding Fields. Make sure to follow me while you're there. :)

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And expect reviews for both Hunt for Voldorius and Fear the Alien on The Founding Fields as soon as they arrive.

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Since I found out about H&B (Hammer&Bolter) I was rather happy. We are going to be seeing solme new writers with this, of which I am anticipating!
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