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Black Library new releases for the next 12 months.

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Hi Guys and Gals follow the link to see what titles Black Library are going to be releasing oiver the next twelve months.
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The one I am looking forward to is, "Age of Darkness" but only if it picks up were Galaxy in Flames left off. That and, "Nemesis" sounds interesting too. The rest I can do without.

As for audio books. They are a joke. I want to read a book, not listen to someone else read it to me with sound effects and stupid shit going on in the background. That's like watching a movie with a blindfold on, just pointless.
I certainly agree with Audio-books. Frankly, the Voice-acting is pathetic (bordering upon loathsome), and the sound-effects dire; I swear, with several of my vital-organs bleached in Strongbow, a nice splif, and some mates in a shed, I could produce better.... That said, the Narrator, isn`t bad... Toby Longsworth the choicest out of them, with the Narrator of Throne of Lies rather soft and anti-climatical...

Age of Darkness
simply cannot pick up where Galaxy in Flames left off. I am sure I mentioned this before. Galaxy in Flames details Isstvan III, and the latter book, Fulgrim details Isstvan V (amongst a plethora of other things) so it must continue after the Dropsite Massacre. I`m pretty sure Tales of Heresy, for the majority, has Post-Isstvan III stories... The Voice, Blood Games chief among these...
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1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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