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Any thoughts on this? I have only been playing against my Dark Angels mate but recently joined a local club so will be facing different 40k armies over the coming months. Please feel free to help me make any improvements.

Chaos lord 170 - mok, Axe of blind fury, sigil of corruption and juggernaut

8 Berzerkers CCW Gift of Mutation VLW in rhino with Dirge 220

8 Berzerkers CCW Gift of Mutation VLW in rhino with Dirge 220

10 cultists 70 - CCW mon

10 cultists 70 - CCW mon

Vindicator 120

Abaddon 265

Terminators x5 267 - claw, 3 power weapons and chain fist, reaper autocannon and combi melta
Bringers of Despair, MOK and VLW

Helbrute 100


Depending on game type the Berzerkers going straight forward in their rhino as does on the Lord. The vindicator sits far forward forcing enemies to aim for it while the rhinos push on. Terminators and Abaddon can arrive from reserve or deep strike. Cultists claim home objectives. Helbrute causes trouble shooting at vehicles or buildings.

I also have:

Space Marines
3 x Chosen squads
Daemon Prince but not used yet
Be'lakor but not used yet
More cultists
4 more individual Berzerkers
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