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Hi all, Thought id start a plog to show my first ever attempt at building and painting a Warhammer army.

Been into the hobby around 6 months now thanks to my bro wanting a regular gaming buddy and im glad i did, enjoyed the whole building, painting, gaming process and built up a nice force, not wholly completed as you'll see but im pretty pleased so far.

The plan is to get this force completed (painted and based) before i buy any more models... thats the plan anyway... i've been eyeing up an Imperial Knight for a while...

This is my Elite Black Legion force, when my bro introduced me to the various armies of 40k the Heldrake and Forgefiend models stood out to me straight away, they were my MUST HAVE units, so much so ive got two of each!! haha


The Heldrakes were a real challenge... i didnt take my time and build and paint each part separately as most Video-reviews rightly tell you to do so, i couldnt wait to see them in action and built them wholly straight away and just base coated them Black, tho then painting them this way was more difficult than it needed to be, one thing ive learned... take-your-time... it'll be easier to get the finish you want in the end.[/I][/I]


The Forgefiend needs a wash/paint, so im looking to add Nuln-oil to the gold to make it less blunt, big fan of these models tho.


The Heavies... i loved playing around with Predator and adding all the cool Chaos extras, im pleased with the overall model look, tho i have that many left over parts im always looking to add extra pieces... dont want to over do it tho.




The Helbrute twins... Part of my to do list, ill get there eventually.


Most enjoyable paint project was the Terminators, their armour really stand out in the black and gold tho the tusks seem a little too white for my liking so ill be lightly adding a wash. The red visors are way too big so ill be touching those up to make them smaller.



Marines... The last task ill take on i reckon as ill want them complete all at once.


Aspiring Champions, kit bashed them a little to make them stand out, happy with the models look, may go back on what i said above and just get these two done first as befitting a Champion of Chaos' status.


The Lord... the main reason i haven't started this guy is because i cant decide what colour i want his cloak to be... otherwise he'll be more or less the same as the Terminator squad with a few lavish extras.


Please forgive having to look at the links to the pictures... im trying to edit the pics into ones you can view but im having a little laptop trouble...


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Loving the force just a quick tip don't fall behind on the troop choice painting ! Because you will find another cool model to paint and so on till you've no painted troop n can't be bothered lol.
I'd paint a squad of troops then reward yourself with a helbrute lol paint a squad of troops then reward yourself with daemon prince and so on.
As for painting please do take this the wrong way it's not ment as offence! There's loads and loads of painting tutorials on YouTube that really help bring painting skill on
Good luck and nice one

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I like the duplication of the various vehicles--makes for a very aesthetically mirrored and balanced force. Plus game-wise, bringing 6 AV12 vehicles and an AV13 front Predator is nothing to sniff at--few weak points, there. Looks like a very cohesive list where theme meets play well!
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