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Ho ho ho, it's me again with another list of the same army.
Since I have the models and already most of my 500 point army is painted I started thinking about a bigger list.

Here are some idias.

Chaos Sorcerer (125)
Mark of Slaanesh
Lash of Submission

5x Terminators (225)
Combi-melta x2
Chainfist x2

10x Chaos Space Marines (260)
2x Meltaguns
AC w/power weapon and plasma pistol (I know)

8x Khorne Berzerkers (238)
AC w/power fist
2x plasma pistols

Heavy support
Defiler (150)

Total: 998

The point is that the AC for the CSM was done by my bro, who painted it neatly. I can replace him with another model, though, but he's still here just for fun.
The squad with the meltaguns is mounted in a rhino, probably will try to pop up some tanks. The defiler isn't equipped for close combat..more for mid-range firepower, because I intend to use his cannon more, than its dccw. Maybe that's a mistake.
The berzerkers are running freely, to get an opportunity of striking first.
Mine main question concerns the terminators - do I really need two chainfists? Maybe drop one and give them some kind of an icon?

Any help appreciated.

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drop the plasma pistols maybe take advantage of chaos termies having power weapons and drop a chain fist and power fist

how about a rhino for your zerker's not the normal CSM and what about a icon for the zerkers deep strike the termies? sometimes.

i don't like your sorceror only cause it's not a full Slaanesh list.

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Hm, damn, I just forgot to mention the reaper autocannon, it's included in the point cost.

About the Sorcerer - yeah, just I already have him for a 500 point list. For a 1500 point list i plan using a Termi Lightning-Claw lord.
Hm, good idia on the icon for the zerkers.. I was planning teleporting them on the CSM squad, since they will be somewhere near enemy vehicles. Hopefully.
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