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I keep saying and wanting to update my very space marines and people keep commenting on my old fluff. I would just simply edit my old posts but it has been to long and I am unable to do so. So here is the updated fluff of my Black Dogs Space Marine chapter.

Please read, enjoy and comment :victory:

Black Dogs Space Marine Chapter


Being a part of the 25th founding the Black Dogs Space Marine Chapter is a very young chapter when compared to most astartes. Before they had earned their chapter name and colors their designation was simply Chapter 982 and their geneseed was selected from the Avenging Sons chapter in hopes that the blood of Guilliman would create another great force of the Adeptus Astartes. A home world was already being established on a remote deathworld located on the far reaches of the Obscuras Segmentum known as Aridar. A fortress monastery was being built on the foundations of an ancient fortified outpost, which became affectionately known as Relic and as the Adeptus Mechanicus constructed the new stronghold a contingent of marines from the Avenging Sons started the recruiting trials. The planets local barbarian tribes who dwell in the great cavernous labyrinths of the mountains and were recognized by the Avenging Sons as possible future angels of death.


The Black Dogs gene-seed is also a complete mystery to bio-engineers and chem-architects. An incident occurred where traces of genetic material were mixed together and there were side effects which occur when various implants mature. The first mutations brought about by this defect were as follows.

01 Ossmudula – As epiphyseal fusion and ossification of the skeletal structure is in the early stages the new recruits begin to develop small overlapping bony plates that reinforce the joints, spine and facial structure. On a microscopic level this acts as biological bullet proof armour against some needler weapons. Another side effect of the ossmudula are enlarged sharpened maulers and canines which are very reminiscent of the Space Wolves very own mutations. These menacing teeth were of great concern when considering the chapter’s fragile future as many believed that the geneseed stock had been spoiled by the ruinous powers of chaos.

02 Biscopea – The new recruit’s muscles enlarged greatly as was to be expected; however their muscles are more lean and densely packed together. This was tolerated as the marines did not suffer any loss in strength, speed or endurance.

03 Occulobe – The eyes first turned transparent with almost absolutely no color. This minor defect slowly faded away as the chapter went on; but few with ghost eyes still live within the chapters ranks.

04 Lyman’s Ear – The recruits found themselves being extremely sensitive to sound and vibrations as their lyman’s ear were over developed. The recruits must undergo special training to concentrate and master their new sense of hearing. Unfortunately this has not led to a superior sense of hearing when compared to other astartes.

05 Sus-an Membrane – Now considered a terrifying piece of torture by the chapter, this implant fails its purpose as Black Dogs cannot enter a state of suspended animation consciously; but will due to extreme physical trauma. Unfortunately it was discovered a century later that although the marines body has gone into such a state, his mind remains conscious and fully aware. The feeling of being utterly helpless and trapped in agonizing pain is just another aspect the Black Dogs train for.

06 Melanochrome – As with many astartes the melanochromic organ affects the hair color of the Black Dogs. Their hair has turned into a fine pitch black which has led the first Black Dogs to being disowned by the Avenging Sons.

07 Neuroglottis – The marines of the Black Dogs chapter are gifted with an enhanced sense of smell and tastes that surpass many astartes. The neuroglottis spreads out and into the nasal region enabling the BlackDogs to become superb scouts and sentry’s when they first entered the service of the Emperor.

08 Larraman Cells – The most mysterious and perhaps the most beneficial of the chapters mutations, after the last of the marines implants have matured the larraman cells begin to take on the role of anti-bodies and prevent further mutations of the body. If the influence of the mutation is too great the end result is the death of the marine as his own body chokes itself free. This mutation has also resulted in the death of possible future librarians of the chapter as the anti-bodies generally have an intolerance for all; but the most powerful of psykers.

These mutations almost resulted in the termination of the newly founded chapter and any attempt to recreate the unique geneseed outside the chapter is heresy. The current geneseed stock is carefully protected by the Apothecarion from much of the Imperium including the Adeptus Mechanicus. Many of the Avenging Sons who were tasked with training the newborn chapter cursed it and refused to continue their training. Not permitted to bear any colors or a chapter name by the Avenging Sons attending captain the new recruits had bare metal armour and were frequently called the cursed dogs who stained the blood of Guilliman.


During the final days of the monastery’s construction a rogue techpriest attempted to corrupt the chapter by altering the dataslates for the hypnotherapy sessions so that the newly formed chapter would serve him and him alone. Even with the support of traitorous techguard the attempt failed and a battle ensued throughout the fortress where many weapons and equipment were destroyed. With the treachery of the Adeptus Mechnicus brought the watchful eyes of Inquistion to Aridar to oversee the final preparations of the chapter. An Inquisitor of the Ordos Xenos assumed full control of the operation with the support of a full Storm Trooper Battalion and a Deathwatch Kill Team being led by a Librarian. Normally such forces would be kept where they are needed most; but treachery threatened to take one of the Emperors space marine chapters. The Deathwatch took over training ceremonies for the Avenging Sons as they were summoned by their chapter, being that Chapter 982’s original mission is to battle alien influence on the outer reaches of the Imperium the Deathwatch were better equipped for the task at hand. The Inquisition now had an opportunity to fully influence a chapter of the highly praised astartes. Inquisitor Petrine used her influence and power for more Deathwatch to assist in the training of the chapter. Even a contingent of the Adepta Sororitas has been present at one time or another during the Inquisitions influence of the chapter. As the chapter’s numbers grew it was decided that they were ready for the battlefield. The chapter mostly adopted the colors of the Deathwatch bearing black armour with some silver trim, the Imperial Aquila being white and the Inquisitorial seal upon the right pauldron. The chapter had not yet earned itself a name, a chapter badge and were not going to until they had obtained their glory on the battlefield, a tradition adopted from the planets culture.

The chapter’s forces participated in many campaigns and some mistook them for Deathwatch until it became apparent that there was a chapter of the Adeptus Astartes fighting in the name of the Inquistion. After a dispute with an Avenging Sons strike force near the Cypra Mundi shipyards the chapter became known as the black dogs of the Inquisition and thus were named the Black Dogs Space Marine Chapter. Their chapter insignia was made up of two dog head silhouette’s back to back with the mark of Inquisition.

Once the chapter was at full strength the Inquisition had already prepared a series of crusades for them at the furthest reaches of Imperium involving worlds under the influence of xenos. This had led to the chapter’s greatest loss which occurred on the dead world of Bojune where the 2nd company was completely annihilated by Necrons who had awakened from deep beneath the planet’s surface.

After five hundred years of doing the Inquisitions dirty work the chapter was well known as the Dogs of the Inquisition; but that all changed when they faced some radical Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus who were experimenting with the powers of chaos upon the population of a newly founded recruiting world of Rondai. The chapters 5th and 6th companies were joined by the Imperial Fists as they battled countless mutations of what was once the local population and daemon hordes started to manifest across the planet’s surface. Inquistors of Ordo Malleus and Ordo Hereticus were at odds in terms of jurisdiction. While the Inquisition squabbled the remainder of the Black Dogs chapter fleet had arrived in orbit and prepared to perform an Exterminatus as their battle brothers evacuated the doomed planet. The Ordo Hereticus demanded the arrest of the radical Inquisitors and the Ordo Malleus declared the situation to be an internal affair both refused to allow the Adeptus Astartes to cleanse the world in fire as both inquisitor factions brought forth Imperial warships to challenge the Chapter Fleet. It was a standoff between some of the greatest powers of the Imperium above a doomed backwater planet fueled by personal agendas. The first move was made by the Imperial Fists who had sent down a small strike force aboard Thunderhawks to an unknown location and captured several of the radical inquisitors and returned them to the Strike Cruiser Titus. As the Imperial Fists returned the Black Dogs Chapter Fleet opened fire upon the defiled planet and watched it burn. The Imperial Fists turned over their prisoners to the Ordo Hereticus and the ships that had been requisitioned by the opposing Inquisitors resumed their duty.

The Black Dogs felt a vile taste of distrust for the Inquisition as they once did for the Adeptus Mechanicus. The chapter then institutionalized what is known as the Black Law, a decree that has led the Black Dogs into a defiant state against much of the Imperium and with that the much of the Inquisitions influence was driven out of the Chapter. The chapter continued its crusades against the influence of xenos on the outer reaches of the Imperium and whenever treachery is brought to their attention they bring forth vengeance and the burning hatred of betrayal.


On the Death World of Aridar the Black Dogs Fortress Monastery Relic was built around a fortification that was created during the Great Crusade. The planets mountainous regions are home to some of the most vicious creatures of the galaxy such as the Saber Scorpion and the Blood Viper. Within its mountains are vast caverns that go on for miles and they turn into an impossible labyrinth of tunnels and caves. Most of the barbaric inhabitants that dwell in the great caverns are unaware of the existence of Relic for few go outside the caverns for the planet’s surface is nothing; but a harsh rocky barren desert mountain land roamed by Sun Dragons and temperature’s that can get up to 150 to 200 degrees during the day. The Chapter does not just recruit from their own home world, there are believed to be three other planets that the chapter recruits from, each of barbaric societies who only know of the Emperor in folklore or religion and as their savior. The Black Dogs use ritualistic trials that will test the barbarian’s strength of mind and body. These worlds are watched over by the chapter and they guard them with extreme prejudice against friend and foe alike


The chapter is very much a standard codex chapter with some divergence to its structure due the chapters first battles and Inquisitorial influence. There are no reserve company's in the Black Dogs chapter just battle company's the Veteran 1st company and the 10th Neophyte-Company. Assault Squads have been used as their base troops on many occasions, because many bolters were destroyed in their battle with the traitor techs and so they made due with bolt pistols and chainswords without jump packs. Much of the armour and heavy equipment was destroyed as well and so the chapter lacks heavy tanks and their Terminator Squads have always been at 50% strength. One of their greatest units are their Vanguard Veterans, influenced by the Sisters of Battle they are equipped with Evicerator's to render apart any foe on the battlefield. The Chapters strategies are very basic when it comes to battle as they cover advancing assault squads with the firepower of Tactical and Devastator Squads. Despite their lack of heavy armour support the chapter maintains it number of Rhino's and Razorback's


The armour of the Black Dogs chapter has changed since its founding; it started off as just bare metal with no paint or specific symbols and markings except for the Imperial Aquila. Later their color’s resembled the Deathwatch with their right pualdron bearing the badge of the Inquisition with two dog head silhouette’s . After the Exterminatus of Rondai the chapters armour is still black with a white Imperial Aquila, the Inquisition badge removed from their pualdron and their poleynes and gauntlets were painted a dark red as if they were stained with blood. Gradually the faces of their helmets were then painted white. The armour of the Apothecary's are just the opposite with white armour, red poleynes and gauntlets, black pauldrons and the helmets face is black. The very few Librarians of the chapter wear dark blue robes and some of Chaplains wear white robes and few Commanders would wear red robes. Once the Black law was institutionalized by the chapter, marines had bound their armour and weapons with chains.


The Black Dogs believe in the Emperor and only the Emperor, their geneseed was apparently an accident and so they do not give praise to just one Primarch; but to all that had remained loyal to the Emperor. The Chapter has a strong distrust for a great deal of the Imperium and only fully trust their fellow Adeptus Astartes. The chapters Black Law sets the rules of engagement, both political and confrontational no one except for the marines of the chapter know the full extent of the Black Law; but from an outsiders perspective it dictates whether the chapters involvement is beneficial for the Chapter or for the Emperor. Outside the Black Law the chapter will honour those who are victorious in the face of treachery. The chapters 4th company held a ritual banquet for the 56th Mordian Iron Guard who fended off an small ork waagh and the traitorous planetary defense force of Catheon who became devoted followers to the Blood God, Khorne. The banquet had turned the Cardinal world of Hymori against the chapter, for the food that was requisitioned by the chapter was meant for the planetary governor and the royal family's of the local system.


Despite their hatred and distrust of many Imperial factions the Black Dogs know that to sever ties completely could result in the destruction of their chapter. The machine cult has very little influence or access to the chapter and when dealing with the chapter itself the mechanicus is forced to attend diplomatic session on the Black Dogs home planet of Aridar. Very few Inquisitors have the trust of the Black Dogs and all of them if not most of are unassociated with the Ordo Malleus. An extreme few of Imperial Lords, generals or admirals has any very little to say as the chapter often fights alone and on the far outer reaches of Imperial space.


Originally the Chapter would adhere to the rules of a standard Codex Chapter; but due to past events the Chapter has had some alterations to its structure and how it goes about doing things. The Chapter follows a decree known as the Black Law and with this Black Law came the Chapters Council who are various Space Marines who have excelled beyond the rank of Captain; and so they act as adviser's to the Chapter Master.Members of the council also hold the honoured titles of the chapter such the Master of Rites and the Master of the Fleet. Normally such titles are held by the captains of the chapters company's; but the Company's of the Chapter are almost all ways fighting battles in distant war zones.

- Fortress Relic - Deathworld of Aridar
- Chapter Master Grail Davmorne, Honour Guard
- Master of Sanctity Ximon Skald apart of the Chapters Council
- Arch Cerebrate – An extremely powerful female psyker fused into a massive Mind Impulse Unit or MIU she is like a symbiotic motherboard at the core of Relic and can operate all of Relic’s functions from climate control to defense systems. She is truly a masterpiece of the work, a crown jewel of the machine cult
- Chapter Council is made up of various Masters of the Chapter such as
Master of Aridar Cruin Guardian of the chapters home planet
Master of the Watch Thiron custodian of the chapters fortress known as Relic
Master of the Arsenal Leroice keeper of the chapters wargear
Master of Rites Adostar ensures the liturgy or practice of chapters belief’s and ceremony’s
Master of Marches Seargo watches over the boundrys of the Chapters Realms
Chief Victualler Grit Bale in charge of the Chapter’s supplies
- Astropaths, Servitors, Serfs

- Master of the Fleet Porvaris charged with fleet operations and is apart of the Chapters Council
- 1 BattleBarge - Goliath
- Rapid Strike Vessels, ThunderHawks
- Astropaths, Servitors, Serfs

- Chief Librairian Markus Falkir, apart of the Chapters Council
- Epistolarys, Serfs, Lexicanums

- Chief Apothecary Ricros, apart of the Chapters Council
- Apothecary's, Med-Adept's, Med-Servitors, Serfs

- Master of the Forge Xorr apart of the Chapters Council
- TechMarines, Tech-Adept's, Servitors, Serfs
- Land Raiders, Predators, Rhinos, RazorBacks

- BattleBarge – The Black Pride
- Chaplains
- Terminator Master Horrack
- Terminator Command Squad, 4 Terminators Squads
- Captain Nafriss
- 5 Vanguard Veteran Squads
- Captain Ikre
- 5 Sternguard Veteran Squads
- Shadow Master Daewyn
-5 Scout Squads
- Venerable Dreadnought Noram
- 8 Dreadnoughts, Land Raiders, Rhinos, Scout Bikes
NOTES: The Veteran 1st is divided into 5 sections and is under command of the Terminator Master. The Terminator Master is in charge of the chapters Terminators and he chooses who has earned the honour to bear the finest armour of the chapter. Once a battle brother has earned his terminator armour he then becomes apart of the Veteran 1st Terminator section and before he can do that he must be apart of the Sternguard or Vanguard section for even brothers in those ranks have yet to earn the priveledge of bearing the precious tactical dreadnought armour.

Scouts of the Veteran 1st are veteran neophytes who never bear the power armour of their fellow battle brothers. Assassinations and sabotage are standard missions for scouts and so they are often equipped with sniper rifles, camo cloaks and meltabombs. If a neophyte shows exceptional skill in steath and infiltration, Shadow Master Daewyn will recruit them into the ranks of the veteran 1st where they will forever be scouts of the chapter.

2nd Company
- Strike Cruiser – Martrydom (originally the Virulence)
- Captain Bullar
- Command Squad, Chaplain, Apothecary, TechMarine
- 2 Tactical Squads, 4 Assault Squads, 2 Devastator Squads
- Rhinos, RazorBacks, Land Speeders, Bikes, DropPods, ThunderHawks
NOTES: The Strike Cruiser of the 2nd Company was originally named the Virulence; but when the Company was massacred on the dead world of Bojune. The Virulence sacreficed itself before the might of a Necron Tombship so that other Imperial vessels may escape its deadly fire power. When the 9th company and an Imperial Task Force had arrived the Virulence was nothing more than a lifeless hulk and every last marine of the 2nd company along with detachments from the Veteran 1st and 10th Neophytes were slain. The Virulence spent several decades in reconstruction and once she was ready to launch and the 2nds ranks were replenished she was renamed Martyrdom to represent the heroic sacrefice at Bojune.

3rd Company
- Strike Cruiser - The Courageous
- Captain Zade
- Command Squad, Chaplain, Apothecary, TechMarine
- 6 Tactical Squads, 2 Assault Squads, 2 Devastator Squads
- Rhinos, RazorBacks, Land Speeders, Bikes, DropPods, ThunderHawks

4th Company
- Strike Cruiser – The Iron Heart
- Captain Emrok
- Command Squad, Chaplain, Apothecary, TechMarine
- 2 Tactical Squads, 6 Assault Squads, 2 Devastator Squads
- Rhinos, RazorBacks, Land Speeders, Bikes, DropPods, ThunderHawks

5th Company
- Strike Cruiser – The Rigtheous Bane
- Captain Gray
- Command Squad, Chaplain, Apothecary, TechMarine
- 6 Tactical Squads, 2 Assault Squads, 2 Devastator Squads
- Rhinos, RazorBacks, Land Speeders, Bikes, DropPods, ThunderHawks

6th Company
- Strike Cruiser – The Black Spear
- Captain Orleaf
- Command Squad, Chaplain, Apothecary, TechMarine
- 6 Tactical Squads, 2 Assault Squads, 2 Devastator Squads
- Rhinos, RazorBacks, Land Speeders, Bikes, DropPods, ThunderHawks

7th Company
- Strike Cruiser - GrimWing
- Captain Krovern
- Command Squad, Chaplain, Apothecary, TechMarine
- 2 Tactical Squads, 6 Assault Squads, 2 Devastator Squads
- Rhinos, RazorBacks, Land Speeders, Bikes, DropPods, ThunderHawks

8th Company
- Strike Cruiser – The Accolade
- Captain Pax
- Command Squad, Chaplain, Apothecary, TechMarine
- 6 Tactical Squads, 2 Assault Squads, 2 Devastator Squads
- Rhinos, RazorBacks, Land Speeders, Bikes, DropPods, ThunderHawks

9th Company
- Strike Cruiser – The Dark Hound
- Captain Jorai
- Command Squad, Chaplain, Apothecary, TechMarine
- 6 Tactical Squads, 4 Assault Squads, 2 Devastator Squads
- Rhinos, RazorBacks, Land Speeders, Bikes, DropPods, ThunderHawks

10th NeoPhyte Company
- BattleBarge – The BloodStar (originally the Chalice of Might)
- Rapid Strike Vessles, ThunderHawks
- Master of Recruits Urex
- Chaplains, Apothecarys, Techmarines, roughly 25 Initiates, over a 100 Neophytes
- Rhinos, RazorBacks, DropPods, Bikes
NOTES: The Chapters recruits find their calling on the frontlines of the battlefield. Before becoming an initiate and joining the ranks of Tactical, Assault and Devastator squads or even the scout squads of the Veteran 1st. Neophytes are still tasked with patrol duty; but are not trained in the art of guerilla warfare or hit and run tactics like Scouts. This means that they cannot be equipped with special weapons such as sniper rifles and camo cloaks; but do have access to weapons such as flamers and melta guns.

The BattleBarge BloodStar of the 10th Neophyte Company travels to various planets to gather recruits. The BloodStar has all the facilitys needed to start turning the new recruits into battle brothers; however this task must be completed within the chapters fortress on Aridar. The BloodStar does not just pick up recruits it delivers reinforcements as well, venturing out to a Company’s location to replenish their numbers. Once known as the Chalice of Might, the battlebarge was engaged and boarded by a Dark Eldar fleet. The corridors were stained with the blood of xeno’s, neophytes, serfs and initiates. The few Neophytes that survived went on to replace much of the 2nd company and the BattleBarge had been renamed the BloodStar.


In most games I use the standard Space Marine Codex; but when I want to give the idea of using a specific part of the chapters forces I will use a different codex. For example if I want to use the different sections of the Veteran 1st such as the entire Terminator company, I would use the Dark Angels Codex, for the Sternguard I use Codex Marines/Crimson Fists and for the Vanguard its Blood Angels with Gabriel Seth in charge. It was pure coincidence that in the fluff I wrote my Captain Nafriss had wielded an eviscerator; but I’ll take the Chapter Masters Blood Reaver. To best represent the 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 9th Company’s I would use the standard Space Marine Codex and for 2nd, 4th, 7th and 8th Company’s I would use the Blood Angels Codex. Of course I am unable to use many of my fluff oriented units in official games as there are none like them in the any of the codex books.Of course using all these different codex books can get confusing; but because I hardly ever get to use my Homebrew/Houserules codex I am pretty much forced to. The games where my chapter can be best represented are Apocalypse games because then I can really mix it up and use all the different units from the chapter codex books without too much fuss.

I appreciate all those who have taken the time to read through my chapters fluff and ask that they please comment :so_happy:

I to will try to read everyone's fluff of the own personal forces of Warhammer 40,000 :victory:

Thank You

Ah I forgot the chapter badge :fool:

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Just like your other fluff... simply amazing, I wish I knew how to give rep
Thank you and if you wish to give rep simply go to the top right corner of the post in question click +REP and then you simply go on from there.

i agree with blueberry - utterly amazing.
Thank you its something I have been trying to refine for sometime.

I want my marines to be their own chapter; but in the reality that makes up the galaxy of Warhammer 40,000 that would not be so easy without dire consequences. So I found that they must not be so different from a standard vanilla chapter and that I cannot make them as defiant or as prominent as more famous chapters like the Space Wolves or the Black Templars. I also did not want them having an obscure past and unknown origin like the Blood Ravens because I feel that by doing so one would be taking the easy way out and cheating their own creativity.

Now that my Black Dogs are more established I intend to post more fluff about my other various forces :victory:

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i like it very much good imagination did u base it on any current chapters or did you think it up entirely yourself?

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i like it very much good imagination did u base it on any current chapters or did you think it up entirely yourself?
Yes and No

I guess you can say that they are based off of many chapters due to all the many similarities; but the Black Dogs are something I have been working on for years ever since I first got into 40k.

When I first started them I wanted them to be original; but I made most of the same mistakes as those who first start their own space marines. That's when I realized I needed to research everything about space marines that I possibly could and as I did my research I took down many notes for possible ideas until I literally had several notebooks of possible origins and histories.

At that point I went with the most likely origin and added some of my own touches to make them unique. By doing all of that I came up with an Astartes that I can definitely say is mine, very unique and the possibility of them surviving in 40k is very likely.
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