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Hi everyone,

I have a fair few models in my Chaos Space Marine army.

My army started a few years ago, by happy accident when GW decided to change their paint scheme/colours and I had started my Dark Angels. So to see what the new colours were like, compared to the old ones, I bought myself a box of Chaos Marines and kit bashed them with some left overs from my Dark Angels veterans box to make some Fallen Dark Angels, to try the new paints on.

Since then, I have been collecting different bits and pieces that I like and as I like a fair few of the colour schemes that the Chaos Marines have in their different fallen Legions/Chapters, I've been doing my army as a Black Crusade with a mix of the colour schemes that I like, rather than as a single Legion/Chapter.

I don't play everything in a game, mix and match depending on who I'm going up against as my brother has less points in his army than I have in mine (so, obviously I play equal to what he can meet), my friend has WAAAYYYY more points in Tyranids than I do in both Chaos and Dark Angels combined. Also I like to try out different unit and Chaos Mark combinations see what works for me.

In my Chaos Marine collection I have, so far
Abaddon The Despoiler
Kharn The Betrayer
Daemon Prince
Chaos Sorcerer
Dark Apostle

5 Marines with boltguns painted as Iron Warriors
6 Marines w Close Combat Weapons and 1 with Melta Gun as Fallen
8 marines with boltguns as Fallen
5 Marines w Close Combat Weapons & 2 with Flamers in a dirty Nurgle Green and rust (play as Chosen usually)
10 Marines with boltguns and Chainswords and 1 Plasma Gun in my own Slaaneshi paint scheme of Purple, Gold and White.
5 Marines w Lightning Claws (from raptors boxed set) play as 4 Chosen and Champion as Night Lords.

5 Terminators as Black Legion play as Abaddon's bodyguard if he is used
12 Berzerkers of Khorne
5 Marines with 4 Plasma Guns, as havocs, as Iron Warriors

I just got some more Marines and Thousand Sons upgrade kit plus a Vidicator and Predator both tanks which will be done in Iron Warriors colours (as they're the siege specialists of Chaos Marines).

I would also like to get
6 Bikers, give them Mark Of Nurgle and give the unit 2 Melta Guns (that's next on my list)
Fabius Bile
Land Raider (for Kharn and 9 Berzerkers to Assault from).

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Oh yes, I forgot to put my 20 Cultists, always take them and always give them Mark of Khorne. Very cheap Troops choice, that throw a nasty amount of attack dice on the charge and also can tar-pit enemy units, so they can't be ignored.
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