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I've been wondering about this for some time, and I can't find a real answer anywhere, so if someone knows FOR SURE, please give an answer:

What's the base size for a Vampire Counts Black Coach ???

I know it's a chariot, so it should be 50×100, but the model is too big for that, and on the GW page, where it's shown in a picture, only the horses have bases and the cart is just being pulled behind them without any base, which is ... I don't know ... Weird ...
I have 3 old files that list base sizes for all units in the game, and they're all GW copyrighted, so I know they weren't just someone's interpretation ...

First one is from 2003. and it says 50×100, second one is from 2009. and says 50×125 (which would be just enough to fit the mini on there), and the third one doesn't have a year on it, but says 50×100+ ... Now I don't know what that "+" is supposed to be !!! Is it 50×100 minimal, but can be longer or what ???

Pity the damn thing doesn't come with a base, than I would know !!!
Anyway ... Mine's mounted on a 50×125 base and so far only 1 guy complained that that's not a regulation base (like those 25mm REALLY mattered), but I'd like to know for sure what it's supposed to be mounted on ...

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There are two approaches supported by possible GW opinion:

(1) Base it on what comes in the box (fits the general rule for base size)

(2) Base it on the last GW stated base (fits the general principle that GW issue FAQ/errata to change from a previous situation)

However, only a wider frontage gives you a real advantage: a longer side means more enemy can flank, so more attacks for them. So, having 50mm front equivalent to two cavalry bases is the bit you need; anyone who argues the base is too long is giving you an advantage.
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