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Bjoar the left-handed

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I am modeling a space boar (using space wolves codex) army

this is my count as HQ space wolves bjorn the fell-handed.

made a lot more(including a boar mounted canin wolfborn)
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cool but i realy dont like base you crammed to much in there and its to bright
i will remove the large block of stone
the oil-drum wil be darker
and the orks more green
its on a hi base because it taller that way

A boar based army? Have a look at this guy. He may be useful to you.
well this is very very usefull
were using warhounds to count-as feresian wolves

why bjoar the left handed?
well he had to have a name
but my brother is writing the fluff and it has to do something with be killed and put in the dreadtomb because he was a lefty

i like your dread but i agree your base is too bright and too cramed with stuff, you end up spending more time looking at the base rather than the model..
like i sad i wanted the base to be taller so the dread will stand out from the normal ones
but yes maybe there is to much going on
there a some rocks ,3 orks, and a oil drum
i will remove some things and make it darker!

I'm hoping its a pun about left-handed people sucking. X]


someone ideas how this guy become a dread in the first place..
shall i repost this question in the fluff section?
thanks for the rep!:hang1:
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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