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bad photos ahoy!

I took these way back and i now don't have the models (archon has them) so no more photos til i get them back... i also dont have photos of all of them...

so here we go...

The leader, Ezekiel, a very slightly modeified Bretonnian men-at-arms champion that never got finished...

James, my heavy, and one of my favourite models... a clipped bret archer body with shaved and de-padded cadian grenade launcher arms. The head is the top half of a bret MAA, bottom half from the archer heads. the shrouded mouth look is the theme of the group really.

Quake in fear. Ferocious Mike is truly angry. He was my best, and angriest, juve. He was made from... an archer with a new hand and a sword from the empire militia sprue... simple pimple. he had a laspistol that kept breaking off...

Fatty, not a heavy, just heavy. He's pretty basic, the fat bret body and head from the MAA sprue, with a club hand, a stubgun from the necro weps sprue... he was hard as nails.

Trib, my second heavy, who never actually had a heavy weapon, but was a fucking sniper with a bolter. Another favourite made from... clipped archer with cadian arms and an old marine bolter andthe head done as james' above.

i think thats all ive got. theyre not really here for C&C, as theyre very very old, but feel free to put up more necro stuff of your own. i love necro as a conversion challenge...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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