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Bigger Termies

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Hey guys.. I know this has been asked plently of times, but does anyone have any good tutorials on how to make the plastic termies bigger..

I tried to go onto repent.be, but it won't work for some reason 0.o I remember there being a tut for how to make the metal one's bigger

Also anything for making then into chaos space termies.. And how to make chaos armour trims ..
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One more pic, then I'm gonna leave it for you guys to reply lol!

Just a wee size comparison, and if u can see it, the colour for my army. I can't tell if the Scab Red is showing up good enough or not, my monitor doesn't show red properly lol!

I'm going to beef out the Shoulderpad rims a bit more with GS. Still need to make his helmet, was thinking kinda like a knight helmet or slits like running down the bottom of it like teeth kinda |||| Thinking of beefing out the chest area on him too..

Thanx again..
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The thing is Jacobite that as soon as I posted that, I stumbled across those tuts lol! But thanx man. They do look helpful..

And yeah! THAT is a Heavy Flamer. Thinking of making the flamer like part of the arm armour, kinda like what the Flamer in the box is like..

P.S. "imho"?
In My Humble Opinion.

I think its good how it is myself, looks very chaotic.
Yeah, deff!
41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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