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Bigger Termies

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Hey guys.. I know this has been asked plently of times, but does anyone have any good tutorials on how to make the plastic termies bigger..

I tried to go onto repent.be, but it won't work for some reason 0.o I remember there being a tut for how to make the metal one's bigger

Also anything for making then into chaos space termies.. And how to make chaos armour trims ..
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Here's some pics for you all.. Took them with my EyeToy, so not that good quality, but you can get the idea..

Termie Champ

The arms aren't attached yet and I still need to make a cool head for him.

Shot at 2007-08-18

Shot at 2007-08-18

Shot at 2007-08-18

Heavy Flamer

I haven't atached his arms yet, still have to make them.

Shot at 2007-08-18

Shot at 2007-08-18

Shot at 2007-08-18

Shot at 2007-08-18

Chainfist for Heavy Flamer

Shot at 2007-08-18

Shot at 2007-08-18

Shot at 2007-08-18
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Well lets see, 5 of them and you want 2 heavy flamers that takes care of the special weapons. Barbeque time :wink:

As for the rest, the close combat options are all pretty good. Having a melta and a chainfist in there is always handy. The thing is just that termies get expensive very quickly so I'd try to not go overboard on ranged upgrades. Powerfists and lightning claws could be usefull. Powerfists to deal with tougher enemies or outright killing weaker ones and lightning claws to make certain your attacks don't go to waste due to a few unhappy 'to wound' rolls. Although all of this could very well change with the new codex.

So something like
- champion with chainfist and multi-melta
- 2 termies with power weapon and heavy flamers
- 2 termies with twin-linked bolters and powerfist / or lightning claw
Should come down to something around 230-240 points I think
:D love that flamer and the backtanks, these guys well end up great!
I love the flamer and backback too! :D Need to think how to make the other one different :?

The Lightning Claw should be fun to make. Gonna try making it look a bit different.. Is the sword the only Power Weapon you get in the box? Or you mean Power Weapons being the Powerfists and such? 'Cause I was going to put the Chainfist on the Flamer..
I just found my codex and it says in here that every 3rd Chosen Termie can have a Reaper Autocannon or Heavy Flamer, so I can only use one Flamer..
The chainfist would indeed look very cool on the flamer guy. I do indeed belive you only get 1 swordtype weapon in the box.
So what I need to do is get hold of another sword then?
Well not necessarily, chaos uses all kinds of power weapons. In fact and kind of handheld cc weapon can be a power weapon (mace, stave, sword, hammer, axe etc.). Which is good new since you can get digging in that bits box :wink:
Yeah.. Suppose. I'll have a look through 1 of my bits box's later. Should have something in there..
Looks good dude. Really love nice little touchs you have made the mini's like the eshasut points on the chainfist.

Look at the old Chaos Terminis for insperation for the power weapon. They had basically everytype you could imagine.
Well, there's only 1 exhaust point, the other's the pin for connecting the Chainfist to the arm.. And thanx man!!

Yeah, I've got a box of Chaos Termies somewhere 0.o I'll dig them out and have a look at the Power Weapons.. Might just make them up actually.. The Plastic Termies have 1 sword so I could use that and make another..
Got a chance today to check out the chaos codex.....save for a few cheesy names for some renegades and 3 uunits identical to SM......there's no fire and brimstone just yet.

Did have a specific look at termies for you;
- 3-10
- unless totalling 10 only one special weapon
- any model may replace power weapon with the current options
- any model may replace combi-bolter with a combiweapon
- any model may replace their weapons for a pair of lightning claws
- any model may be a champ
- 1 icon bearer allowed

Don't remember point costs and stuff....but they are cheaper now than before and the heavy flamer is much cheaper (5 points now).

Hope that helps, wouldn't want to see some of these conversions go to waste!
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Check your PM Aslomov - theres the reply I made in your weapons post before I accidently deleted it. Please re-post that thread as well as it can be a huge benefit for others as well.
HAHA! I can't remember what I asked 0.o Nevermind though..
Thanx hephesto.. I wouldn't want to see them go to waste either 0.o I quite like these conversions, surprised they look good, no made anything for about a year or more now.. It takes ages for me to make these since I ain't really planning them out..
No problem, could be a few days until I can get pics up of that conversion. Seems like I just run out of everything this week...no more thin plasticards :?
Ace man. I have a quite a few sheets of plasticard of different thickness's. That stuff comes in really useful.. And you can glue it with that polystirene cement (Or whatever it's called lol) stuff too. I hate having to use superglue sometimes.. They should make all the miniatures outta plastic! Would be a whole lot easier lol
This is some of the idea's I might be using on my Termies..



Was planning on using the collar thing the guy on the right has, maybe a bit more spikey..


Was also planning on making some jetbikes, with smoke effects from the exhaust pipes made outta cotton wool (Might use it on my Raptor's too, looks like a good idea)..

Was Going to steal the idea for the exhaust pipe thing on the bikes on the left and right..

Also, here is some of the cool minis I found on the net..

I like the idea of this guys chest armour

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Yet another post, but I get bored sitting at home, and I have the net so yeah lol Sorry for the poor quality, but I'm using my Eyetoy for the pics..

Thought I would show you guys what the Heavy Flamer looks like now, just a little bit more done to him. But you get the idea, just to show you the pose and what the cabling and that looks like..

Still need to file parts of him down and sculpt bits on him. I never really realised just how much bigger the termie arms are compared to the marine's lol So I need to beef out the top of the Chainfist arm. Still need to think for what to do on the shoulderpads. He's progressing a bit though.

I was thinking about using GS to make his eyes like round and sticking out like spy goggles a bit, you know what I mean? lol There's no point in showing you the Champion, 'cause all I've done to him, is make his shoulderpads a bit bigger with Plasticard. None or the arms on these guys are glued yet (Ease of painting lol) Anybody think of an easy way of making like loincloths things or cloaks? Maybe I could get a few more Termies, and use the Champion as a Lord. Then he'll have a beasting retinue..

Well, thanx for having a look guys..
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Now THAT is a Heavy Flamer. Love it dude, its exactly what one should look like imho.

For robes, loin-cloths, clocks etc try these Tutorials by Dark Messiah. They are bloody brilliant.

http://heresy-online.net/viewtopic.php?t=2217 - Full Robes

http://heresy-online.net/viewtopic.php?t=2216 - Loin Cloths

http://heresy-online.net/viewtopic.php?t=2215 - Clocks

http://heresy-online.net/viewtopic.php?t=2214 - Capes

Hope that helps you.
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