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Bigger Termies

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Hey guys.. I know this has been asked plently of times, but does anyone have any good tutorials on how to make the plastic termies bigger..

I tried to go onto repent.be, but it won't work for some reason 0.o I remember there being a tut for how to make the metal one's bigger

Also anything for making then into chaos space termies.. And how to make chaos armour trims ..
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you could try padding putting a bit of greenstuff in their shoulder joints to make them wider, and put them on a double height base which is what I did to make my Termies more impressive. also, adding capes and cloaks really helps to make them more bulky.

speaking of height, for my chaplain on bike I put him on a tripple height base, and added building sprew stuff to his bike to make it bigger
1 - 1 of 44 Posts
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