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Bigger Termies

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Hey guys.. I know this has been asked plently of times, but does anyone have any good tutorials on how to make the plastic termies bigger..

I tried to go onto repent.be, but it won't work for some reason 0.o I remember there being a tut for how to make the metal one's bigger

Also anything for making then into chaos space termies.. And how to make chaos armour trims ..
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The only thing is, I've already bought them.. Had them for months. I just got back into the hobby..
Just bulkier really..
Yeah, I seen that article already. Got it saved in my favs. I was thinking of that as a possible idea..

Do you think that the cardboard trim would be easy to put around the chest and legs? 0.o I was also planning on beefing out the legs a bit with plasticard too..
Cool cool. I MIGHT give it a try later on.. I'm a fair way through the Aspiring champion and just started on 1 of the heavy flamers.. Just gotta try the armour trims on the chest now 0.o
You mean like full length trim all over the leg or what?

I was thinking of making it like the CSM troop's trims, but maybe changing it a bit and making it distorted you know? That would mean i'd have to use GS right?
I was actually thinking of putting a kinda robe thing down 1 side of my Aspiring Champ to hide the fact that I had to cut away part of his leg 'cause of the purity seals >.< Never dont it before though..

I also gotta put spikes all over them too. I'm gonna use toothpicks for that one. I really need to get hold of a camera to show my progress..
I don't think I mentioned earlier.. I'm making a Chaos Undivided army..

The colour scheme is just black with silver trims and, I think it's scab red (Been sooooo long since I've painted anything) on the shoulder pads and parts of the legs.. The Aspiring Champions and such get red helmets (Maybe) The eyes on them are all bright green. I think it looks more evil than the typical red eyes most people paint on chaos. I was thinking of painting the eyes on my raptor's white to be a bit different though, and maybe give them a variation on the paint scheme or something. Any ideas guys?

I also have a few ideas for my Deamon Prince too.. Like repositioning the left leg to be standing on maybe a rock or sumthing, don't much like the idea of dead things etc on the bases really.. The sword is gonna be turned round the other way so the point of it is touching the ground, and maybe make his left hand pointing at something? Is a Kai Gun a good idea for a DP?
Haha! If I can get hold of a camera that is! lol

It's probably gonna take me AGES to finish anything. I don't really do the hobby much.. Getting into more since I got my own place though! So hopefully I'll actually finish some stuff..

Been wanting to get these plastic terminators started for a while now. I've made a new chain fist out of an orc one, cut away the 2 middle fingers on a plastic powerfist and put the chainsaw in there.. Looks quite good too! Better than the one on the termie blister.. I also made 2 flamers from scratch, Think I need to remake one 'cause it looks a bit on the small size 0.o I can't really think of anything to make the other two termies better though, they just have combi-bolters..

I forgot how much I like working on my Chaos lol!
The only thing I did was put some plasticard inbetween the legs and torso and a layer under the feet. I was thinking of beefing them out sideways, but I thought they were wide enough, and the legs looked fine enough to me. I might just leave it as is, dunno..

I know what you mean! Just add a few spikes and trophy bits and there you go!

I've almost done the champion, can't think what to do next 0.o Almost got the arms finished for my Heavy Flamer kiddy. Added 2 extra gas canister things from the Cadian sprew on his back, looks cool. And I had a Chainfist I made a while back for my metal CSM Termiesl. Gonna use that..

You know what other weapons would be best for the other 3 guys? Was thinking of having 2 Heavy Flamers on the go..
Here's some pics for you all.. Took them with my EyeToy, so not that good quality, but you can get the idea..

Termie Champ

The arms aren't attached yet and I still need to make a cool head for him.

Shot at 2007-08-18

Shot at 2007-08-18

Shot at 2007-08-18

Heavy Flamer

I haven't atached his arms yet, still have to make them.

Shot at 2007-08-18

Shot at 2007-08-18

Shot at 2007-08-18

Shot at 2007-08-18

Chainfist for Heavy Flamer

Shot at 2007-08-18

Shot at 2007-08-18

Shot at 2007-08-18
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I love the flamer and backback too! :D Need to think how to make the other one different :?

The Lightning Claw should be fun to make. Gonna try making it look a bit different.. Is the sword the only Power Weapon you get in the box? Or you mean Power Weapons being the Powerfists and such? 'Cause I was going to put the Chainfist on the Flamer..
I just found my codex and it says in here that every 3rd Chosen Termie can have a Reaper Autocannon or Heavy Flamer, so I can only use one Flamer..
So what I need to do is get hold of another sword then?
Yeah.. Suppose. I'll have a look through 1 of my bits box's later. Should have something in there..
Well, there's only 1 exhaust point, the other's the pin for connecting the Chainfist to the arm.. And thanx man!!

Yeah, I've got a box of Chaos Termies somewhere 0.o I'll dig them out and have a look at the Power Weapons.. Might just make them up actually.. The Plastic Termies have 1 sword so I could use that and make another..
HAHA! I can't remember what I asked 0.o Nevermind though..
Thanx hephesto.. I wouldn't want to see them go to waste either 0.o I quite like these conversions, surprised they look good, no made anything for about a year or more now.. It takes ages for me to make these since I ain't really planning them out..
Ace man. I have a quite a few sheets of plasticard of different thickness's. That stuff comes in really useful.. And you can glue it with that polystirene cement (Or whatever it's called lol) stuff too. I hate having to use superglue sometimes.. They should make all the miniatures outta plastic! Would be a whole lot easier lol
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