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Big headed advice needed

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So I have played 10 games in a row now and won all 10 easily, I've tabled 6 of the 10

My force is over powered and I'm starting to get bored of easy wins, what do I do. Tone down my list, let them win? I've even started to give my opposition tips to help them win...

What makes it worse is I usually miss rules that would help me further and allow them to do things that goes against rules...

I'm starting to think I've bought loaded dice.
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I think the problem is your opponents don't have the experience to deal with your list. After years of playing against speedy dark eldar, eldar list I have learned to flood the board with my troops and lock them down into close combat but that was years of figuring out and Eldar are still a tough nut to crack. I would keep the normal list and after beating them tell them you would die if they got into close combat with you. A fun list of oddball units that you want to try might be fun. I have a April's fools list I play that is totally random units that I rarely would use in my regular army.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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