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Big headed advice needed

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So I have played 10 games in a row now and won all 10 easily, I've tabled 6 of the 10

My force is over powered and I'm starting to get bored of easy wins, what do I do. Tone down my list, let them win? I've even started to give my opposition tips to help them win...

What makes it worse is I usually miss rules that would help me further and allow them to do things that goes against rules...

I'm starting to think I've bought loaded dice.
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I have a eldar mec and jetbike list (not going to give away my winning formula)

I have entered into a league to see competition is better. I would say the club I play with has some harden players and they bring good lists. They just don't seem to utilise them to there potential. Also they always underestimate the power of eldar jetbikes :)
I suppose it gives me a chance to play with a list or maybe add allies and start a new army.

I'm hoping a league might make things more interesting but it will take the fun out of it if things get to serious.

Or maybe I just accept Eldar can't be beaten :)
I agree, it's all about tactics, too many opponents are scared of moving units up the table ad sit back hoping there fire power will do some damage.

I know I'd be decimated in hand to hand but I've yet to face an opponent with the guts to get up close, or should I say the tactical know how to get up close and keeping out of a fire ally way
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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